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High Point Market~ Inspirations

Something with creamy whites, faded florals, 
vintage inspired velvets and the softest tufted leather-
all mingling together with the perfect vintage patina.


Sounds like an absolute dream, right?

For someone like me- it definitely is.

It is Market week and I have been off visiting High Point Market looking for 
the most inspiring and beautiful showrooms and details to share with you
and today, I am sharing a huge favorite of mine.

The always inspiring and always beautiful 
Shabby Chic showroom.

The Shabby Chic showroom  is filled with so much goodness.
And yet,  with just enough quietness at the same time.

Which if you think about it, is pretty much exactly like the style of Rachel Ashwell.

Never over the top with too much
 but always somehow the absolute perfect amount of everything.

So, with this showroom in particular, 
I am always in awe of the breathing room that is part of the design.
How each element stands alone while they work together and don't overwhelm each other at all.

It is always on the list of must-stops when I am in High Point.

Spring 2014

You might remember these photos from Spring Market of last year.

Spring 2014

This year, the showroom moved to a new location that was closer to the center of Market
which makes it even easier to plan a stop at if you are attending.

The Shabby Chic showroom combines the gorgeous Couture line
with the classic Shabby Chic lines. 
From fabrics to furniture to inspiration.

I love that the collection of fabric hanging on the wall that are readily available for touching
which as a texture person,
 I love to be able to really delve into how something looks and feels in person.

From the soft subtle faded nature that some have to the bold but oh so chic element that others bring
and seeing how they can  work together so perfectly is amazing 

and it gives you an idea of how they might work together in your own home.

The furniture that the showroom features were Shabby Chic style slipcovered sofas- 
I am in love this gorgeous floral matelasse.

As well as leather pieces like a classic chesterfield sofa 
and chair.

Spring 2014

Of course all the pieces intertwined perfectly 
with a few other elements

such as  crystal laden chandeliers, rusty crusty metals,
old wood crates and vintage canvas bags. 

Aside from amazing furniture, styling and simplicity in design, 
the Shabby Chic showroom is a feast for the eyes and a feast for inspiration and
one of my favorites is the glimpse into the background that the always present vision board brings.

From vintage metal flowers enjoyed for their patina 
 to vintage lace prom dresses to bring that softer texture

The vision board gives a peek into the planning and idea process
of the world of Shabby Chic.

And is an inspiration all by itself.

It combines beautiful photos with fabric swatches, bits of millinery
and texture inspiration and truly gives you  a glimpse into just exactly
 how the design ideas come together.

Not to mention- it is absolutely gorgeous and 
I am pretty sure I need this in my office.

In the same showroom along with Shabby Chic, 
 you will find so much more inspiration
like Joe Ruggiero who I have shared with you before and who is always an inspiring stop
where traditional mingles with fresh and classic. 

As well as some amazing color inspiration like the colors and pairings 
in these gorgeous rooms and designers like Dana Gibson.
I am in love with this wallpaper and plate display.

More of my favorite styles, showrooms and inspirations 
coming your way this week but for now...

I am pretty much obsessing over that chandelier with those rustic wood walls at Shabby Chic.
And am pretty sure I feel a makeover coming.

I work with the Market Authority to share inspiration from High Point Market with you
but all opinions and admitted love affairs are my own.

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  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog, and I love it. When I came across it , I felt as though I had come home. Does that strike you as being fanciful? Well, maybe it is, but that's the way I feel. Blessings

  2. I am smitten with that matelasse sofa, too. Love your disclaimer...admitted love affairs. Ha! Exactly!

  3. The shabby chic showroom is always a calming feast to be seen. That matelasse pattern is beautiful.
    Enjoy while your in town.

  4. Thanks for the tour...breathtaking to say the least!!

  5. So Beautiful and relaxing! I've always love Rachael's Shabby Chic look. Is there a place to buy slip covers that are not too expensive?

  6. I soooo want those slipcovers for my cat-scratched leather sofas!!!!

  7. Oh yes, I am pretty sure you NEED that gorgeous inspiration board in your office!!! Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of High Point Market with us! If my husband would allow it, our entire home would be decorated in shades of white, it is so soothing and magical to me. Oh and I would have to add little twinkle lights everywhere as well. Oh, and some gold...Love how gold brings warmth and sparkle!

  8. Where did you get your chandeliers? Beautiful!!

  9. Love your chandeliers! Can you tell me where you got them?

    1. Hi Shelly!
      These were in the Shabby Chic showroom at High Point Market- so I don't have a source for the specific ones for you- but I would try the Shabby Chic website and see if they offer them for sale.