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{Inspiration} Something blue

A box arrived with something for a photo shoot the other day...
and it wasn't something I ordered. 

Or even had any idea about just what it was that was inside that box.
It was a surprise.
Things that make you go hmmm.... right?

The job was to style and photograph something 
 without knowing what it was
where it would go
how you would use it
what it could be used for
or even if it was something that you would ever think  
to bring home and style in your space.

 Kind of crazy right?
I know, but you know, I like an unusual challenge sometime
and so... I said why not.
So when a big box arrived
I excitedly opened it up to see what this top secret 
treasure might be
Any ideas what it was?

If you guessed that big pale blue glass demijohn-
you are correct.

It was definitely a surprise piece when I opened the box but I did love the pale color 
of the glass  and after staring at it for a few minutes
 I knew just where it would go and what would go inside of it.


Cue those gorgeous white blossom covered branches 
from one of our trees outside.

I would normally use a pitcher or box or box or something along those lines but I have actually been looking for something different to place those blooming beauties in
and a few minutes later,
 that big demijohn was looking quite at home holding them
 out on the patio.

Of course, you could place this piece almost anywhere 
and even display it doing nothing but sitting there.
But for now, it is working perfectly where it is.

I am joining Dear Lillie and Decor Steals today to share some ideas 
for using a piece like this
and Dear Lillie used it beautifully!
I think we are a perfect pairing for this because we obviously think alike!

Click on over to see how she styled it
and if you want one of your own for your own space- great news~
they are the Steal of the Day over at Decor Steals
so go grab one and have fun playing with it!
You can also connect with Decor Steals on FB- and enter to win 
one of two that they are giving away!

I was compensated to take part in this fun challenge with DS
but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and styling!

  2. Courtney, your back patio is simply stunning!!! Love the new blue vase:)

  3. What a stunning piece. Luv the bubble pattern.

  4. Love your patio Courtney...just stunning. The new blue vase is the perfect pop of color too!
    XO Barbara

  5. I love the new jug... everything looks great together.

  6. What a beautiful surprise.


  7. Just beautiful! I love your "blooming" beauties!
    Have a wonderful evening. Leticia

  8. Love the jug...drooling over that fireplace...and wondering whether you always have enough croissants on hand for a small gathering? ;)

  9. I love your patio! You did a great job styling the demijohn!

  10. Very Beautiful ♥♥♥
    Bravissimo !

  11. Very lovely!! The white blossoms really set it off. I love surprises in the mail :-)!

  12. It's a beautiful demijohn but your styling makes everything in your pictures to look astounding.

    Quick! Rub off some styling skill on me! Please. :)