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Weekend View

Happy Saturday everyone.

Don't you just love the weekend? 
Sleeping in, being a little lazy in your jammies for just a bit longer
and maybe even pouring an extra cup of coffee?
It can be the stuff that fuels creativity and productivity I tell you.

This weeks random Saturday post is brought to you by blueberry cheesecake.

1. Blueberry Cheesecake

It says Yum LOUDLY.
I wrapped up a week long set of photos a few days ago
and this cheesecake was making a cameo in several shots.
So into the freezer and out of the freezer it went every day
without one crumb missing.

Until, I needed a photo of a slice.

2. Color Crush

BIG TIME color crush.

Pale blush peach pinks
soft gray and white
and the bling of that gold?
I am in love. 
There might be a whole makeover coming your way
that is inspired by these colors and this photo.
Stay tuned for an inspiration post too.

3. Bella Boo

You know, even when it starts to warm up,
what is not to love about a snuggle in a warm fuzzy blanket?
And  especially if you are a dog, 
sitting there on the sofa looking so cute with fur wrapped all around
you and just your cute little furry face looking out.

Seriously, SO cute. 

4. Getting your outdoor space ready 

Yep, Spring is already here and Summer entertaining will be here 
before you know it.
So this week over at HomeGoods- I shared a few ideas for 
sprucing up
your patio and getting it ready for Summer entertaining.

5. Go for the Gold

Have I mentioned that I might be a little obsessed with gold?
I am not sure if have- and you probably haven't noticed any inklings of obsessions either ;)

Kind of crushing on this little gold beauty
and pretty sure you will be seeing it quite often over here.

That is about it for this weeks edition!
I am gathering up some inspiration this week
 will share with you soon.

Happy weekend everyone

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  1. lovely roses, hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Gorgeous photos! That gold coffee plunger is a bit nice, I have to say. Mimi xxx