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Friday Crush~ Gold

Time for a little Friday crushing...

Today it is all about 

From the smallest of details such as gilding
to bright bold and beautiful gold flatware
to stemware
to cabinet hardware
to little vintage tables 
and a favorite pair of scissors.

Gold is a HUGE crush of mine right now
and I pretty much cannot get enough of it.
You might have noticed already since I am somewhat bordering
 on being just a teensy bit obsessed.

Gold is an easy way to bring a little elegance and charm into a room
without overpowering it.

That muted brassy gold on an old chandelier
or the warmth a bright gold on a sweet little star shaped table brings

Brassy golds in all shades are a favorite of mine.

A touch of gold brings a sense of style and warm elegance
without taking center stage in a room or design.
It compliments and also mingles perfectly with different finishes
and styles from cottage to French Country to modern.

Gold has definitely found a place in my heart 
and in my home.

Here are a few of the pieces that have been charming me
and making my knees a little weak recently

A gold french press.
 yes. yes. yes.

These gorgeous gold rimmed wine stems

A detailed vintage gold table 
(pardon the instagram photo-  more coming your way)

Gold flatware and this delicate china 

This might be the biggest crush this week- I am completely in love with it. 
Sharing just a sneak peek today but the full table setting with all that
delicious bling and those perfect blush peonies
 is coming your way next week.

What about you?
What are you crushing on this week?

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Your golden details are so marvellous, because they are both: precious and bright!
    But I also love your wonderful bouquets of peonies, too!
    Sunny regards - Florentine

  2. I love the addition of gold. It brings both a classic and warm feeling to the setting. xo Catherine

  3. I love gold, gold jewelry, accessories, furniture, tea cups, vintage gold anything and everything! That gold compress is gorgeous, just drooling over here.

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

  4. I've always enjoyed gold and brass in my home...mirrors, chandeliers, Italian nesting tables, bathroom fixtures. It doesn't have to be loud and glaring. It offers such a quiet warmth and elegance. I'm glad to see so many people bringing it back into their homes. Your vintage, detailed gold table is lovely!

  5. My crush is on the peonies you have been sharing they are so beautiful . I like how you have used gold and it's warm tones in your home, love the French coffee press. But I mostly lean towards brushed nickel. I have yet to find my happy medium with using gold and it's warmer tones 😊.

  6. I love gold, the brassier the better in my opinion ......
    It just gives any room a warm and welcome feeling as well as a touch of elegance....
    Love all of your golds you have shared...

    Wishing you a great weekend...

  7. I love all your gold - it is definitely my favorite metallic color for sure! I've been crushing on pink lately to the point where it's influencing my recipes like the Sparkling Strawberry Sangria I just posted - a delightful pitcher of pinkness ~ Cheers:)

  8. I love the use of gold. I knew it would come back! It's so elegant and timeless. Thanks for sharing your beautiful displays!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I'm crazy about your gold! Your photographs are just stunning and each one is simply elegant! I've been into white lately!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Crushing on your golds as well..


  11. We just redid one of our rooms in the gold. I hope you could go check out our blog!

  12. Do you provide sources for your photos or are they all yours? I'm looking for the source for that gold bath table, 4th photos down. (Usually when I click on blog photos they lead to source.) Thanks.

    1. Hi Laurie- it is my photo from my bathroom. The gold table is from Soft Surroundings. Hope that helps.