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Random for the weekend

What if I told you that I love being a little random...

and a little unexpected maybe?

That I love things like artichokes paired with flowers.

Chunky heels with faded denim shorts.
Crystal chandeliers in an old 1940's basic cottage kitchen.

Or maybe that not long ago, 
pointy high heeled cowboy boots with my jeans and my bling...
 In the snow. In Boston. 
 I slid the whole way to Starbucks and back in the morning.
Pretty sure cowboy boots with little pointy heels don't belong in Boston in the winter. 
And pretty sure I looked like I didn't belong in Boston in the winter-
which I would agree with! 

Anyway, since it is all random all the time over here on a Saturday
bring on the rambling from last week.

#1.  Favorite kind of Sale

 Yesterday, my favorite florists called me to tell me that Peonies were in again
 AND on sale. 
I didn't ask why or how much, I just WENT. 
And I came home with an armful of them. 
The obsession and peony photos will be continuing. 
Apologies in advance.

#2. Supervising

I must say, I am doing a great job as a 'supervisor'
 in the bathroom renovation. ;)

(And just look at the original wood walls we found underneath the sheetrock and tile?)

You see, when there are a couple of big boys in the house with hammers and sledge hammers
they kind of take over. So you supervise- the demo anyway.
 The tile came right out.
 I know it seems like you would need to chip out the grout, or bust it with a hammer 
(which was the preferred method for the boys) 
but you can usually loosen a section and put some muscle into it and pull quite a bit off at a time.
I have a pile.of.tile. in large sections waiting to go to the dump
 to prove it.
In case you are wondering,
 I only supervise until the demo and rebuild is done.
Then all the 'putting back of the tiling' and painting, etc. is up to me.
So I am letting them enjoy their part ;)

#3.  HomeGoods Summer Link Party

Just a few more days to link up!

Share your patios, table settings, outdoor areas, Summer crafts,
We want to see your creativity and beautiful spaces over at
so go-go-go link up here.

You already know I am in the middle of a big.fat.mess of a bathroom renovation right now- but hey, you don't have to swing a hammer, break the tile or do any major damage to refresh a bathroom. 
My husband would say that I just like to make it harder to get a new look ;) 
Seriously though- sharing 10 ideas that are easy, inexpensive and some-
 like #8- are just so simple that
they can be done in like 2 minutes.

Because I am feeling a little more random than usual and am itching to photograph those peonies
I am only sharing 4 today but tune in tomorrow for our monthly French event where I am sharing 
something to do with this...

and then be sure to come back on Monday for a little pink and gold that you won't
want to miss.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. How great that your florists call you to let you know that peonies are in....I think I may need to obtain a relationship with our local florist rather than going back and forth to Trader Joe's!!...They are exquisite!...I can just imagine you in Boston and your high heeled boots, but can't imagine you wearing anything else...:) Have a great weekend Courtney!

    1. If you have a personal 'floral dept.' contact at Traders- I would chat with them and then leave your business card and a note about what you are looking for. I also stop in and chat with the ladies at our local store each week when picking up flowers- so they pretty much know me well. ;) Thanks for stopping by Shirley!

  2. I can't wait to see your bathroom reno. So are the studs behind that lovely wood?