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Random Saturday

Happy weekend everyone.

It is definitely a random weekend over here - 
with a big project getting underway and some relaxing on the agenda.
Though... there will probably be more work 
than relaxing but in a fun and exciting way-
so that is all good.

#1. A trick & a treat

 Last night, someone played a trick on me- but it was actually a big treat.
I picked up my middle guy who lives in LA in the morning yesterday,
and then last night while sitting by the fire outside, I saw someone walking through our yard
and I started to freak out a bit at first.. but then then saw my oldest son and his girlfriend walk around the corner and smile.
They drove up for a couple days as a surprise and to log some brother time with Mr. SoCal.
To say I am pretty excited to have all 3 of my babies home again at one time is an understatement.

 So, you know... just watching, listening and enjoying.
(and maybe I will get a new picture of the three of them too since this one is a couple years old)

#2. Bathroom 

We are gearing up to work on the bathroom next week- which means-picking up supplies and making some decisions on what to go with.
I am stuck in between classic, and ohhhh I love it.
 Oh, and also which one is easiest to install since we have about 400 square feet
 of tiling, grouting and all that fun stuff to do.
 Of course, that is AFTER the bathroom turns into a shell
(aka, everything is coming out)
I'll get some project photos for you coming up soon.

#3. Tiburon & Christmas

Don't hate me because I took a  few photos of a Christmas tree... in May. ;)
I had a great time last weekend in Tiburon with Balsam Hill getting a few sneak peeks at what's coming this year with Christmas and a whole new home decor line.

 Can I just say, I am excited?
And though I promise not to overload you with Christmas decor for a bit yet,
I will be sharing some of the amazing pieces that are inspiring me.
And maybe an occasional behind the scenes sneak peek.

#4. Romantic Lifestyle

The Spring/Summer edition of Romantic Lifestyle is here! Over 140 pages of flower filled inspiration - and just $8 for a digital download.
Grab some quiet time, and grab an instant download to enjoy.
You can see a few sneak peek and get your copy HERE

#5. Last Minute Entertaining Ideas

Yep, I hear you.
Throwing something together to celebrate or just have friends over at the last minute...
can you do something amazing AND keep it easy?
Yesterday I shared a few favorite tips to keep entertaining easy-
and in case you are wondering- yes, it rained AGAIN in the middle of the night.
That is 2 nights in a row when there was no rain on the forecast...
 but we need it- and it means my grass will stay green a bit longer- so all good except for...
those building supplies in the driveway folks...
this time I actually did get out of bed and run around a bit.

Grab some last minute tips and ideas for hosting a party in my post yesterday

One more for the road~ 
a sneak peek of my new furniture for my office...
and if you are looking for a great retailer in Nor Cal for this piece- check out McCreerys. They deliver all.over. the. northern half of the state.

Happy random Saturday everyone!

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  1. Your children are gorgeous.

    Enjoy your weekend, doing what you love, be it easy or difficult. : - )

  2. Enjoy your time with your children - how fabulous! We just redid our bathroom and is was soooo worth it - I'm sure you'll be super happy with yours too & can't wait to see it ~ Cheers:)

  3. You have a good looking group there. Have a great weekend!
    Be Bleassed

  4. Its so wonderful to have the cute babies home! I look forward to your bathroom renovation photos. I definitely want all the details, we have two bathrooms to renovate. Love to see what you're up to. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  5. Courtney: Your children are adorable! Have lots of fun with them this weekend!
    Did I see basketweave tile in there? When we remodeled our bathroom last year, I wanted to do marble basketweave tile flooring soooo badly, but alas, it was not in the budget at the time, so we went with ceramic hex tile instead. I really like the tile, but oh, I would love to do basketweave some day. It's so beautiful! Can't wait to see what you decide to go with in your bathroom!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!