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Saturday Musings

Happy random Saturday everyone.
I hope your weekend is off to a great start! 

It is definitely a random edition over here today with things like
 tennis,  something colorful, a new outfit
and even something to do with 
happening over here. 

#1. Tennis

The other day, I played tennis.
Well, okay, technically, I hit a tennis ball across the court to my husband and daughter 
and laughed hysterically the whole time as we all ran around 
and ended up hitting balls over the fence.

We might have done our best to channel McEnroe
but I am pretty sure we ended up looking a little more like the tennis scene in Bridesmaids. 
But hey, we were incredibly entertaining.
Seriously though, I did play tennis when I was younger- so the skill is inside somewhere.
Just check out that tennis outfit
 And I want to point out- 
who plays in a turtleneck and tennis skirt? 

Uh. That would be me. 

#2. Weekend fun

Next week, I am off on an adventure that involves something fun, and exciting.
 It has to do with something 'holly & jolly'  ;) 
You might be able to catch a couple sneak peeks on instagram if you follow along over there
and I will be sharing much more about what I am working on soon.

#3. The neutral box

I definitely have a neutral palette in my home- and that is how I like it quite honestly. 
Quiet. Serene. Simple and easy to live with. But I am feeling just a tad bit more colorful lately. 
It seems like every year when Spring and Summer roll around, the strong light that fills the living room kind of bleaches out much of the faded colors and makes me feel like adding something a little stronger.

So I might be stepping outside the neutral box and going bold. 
Okay, let's be honest- maybe not bold, but compared to 
simply white on white- any addition of color might be considered bold.
I am not going crazy colorful- but am doing a little planning for some simple changes for Summer.
What about you- 
do you find that Summer brings feelings of color or changes to your home? 

#4. Warm toes & a new outfit

 This week, I did a little bit of planning and working (and relaxing) out by the fire in the backyard.
It was a beautiful evening- but a little chilly so a warm fire was in order.
And while relaxing, I did a little planning.

A new look for my blog- is finally on the calendar in the next few weeks to get worked on
 so just a heads up that if it is wonky for a bit when you stop by- don't worry.
 It will be back to normal shortly there after. 

#5. Enquiring minds want to know...

Last week on FB, I mentioned that I was planning the Summer post schedule and asked for what my readers wanted to see more of on French Country Cottage. 
I would love to know what you would like to see more of, less of, DIY's, 
what is a burning design question, etc.

 I will pick some of the questions, suggestions, etc to write about and share them. 
Feel free to leave questions in the comments
or to email me at

Coming your way this week
A berry cheesecake recipe- YUM!
Something romantic
and much more.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Anything and everything are what I would like to see!

  2. Courtney:
    I love French anything and enjoy learning everything I can about French design. Would enjoy seeing French garden designs and simple French living. Also love, love toile! Anything you do is inspiration for me.

  3. I have a chaise in the bedroom in need of recovering- currently blue ticking. Thinking of ink ticking again with toile pillows or off white with soft floral pillows - any thoughts?

  4. You asked the question about color. For me, nopers. I have ALWAYS been a neutral girl who enjoys color "visiting" someone else's abode, not mine though.

    Hope you don't go too crazy, yours has always been a favorite for those "I need a beauty pic" blog visits for me to run to when feeling bleh. : - ) Or when I am just feeling well, too, to be honest. Smiles.

  5. Question: Looking for/ desperate for advice on a window treatment that will give the function of vertical blinds but not that look. I have a sliding doors that are on a an angle from the side. When I tilt the previous owner's vertical blinds, people in cars or walking cannot see in. However, the vertical blinds look like they belong in a car wash or in a house from the 80's. I'm looking for something that will fit with French country cottage decorating, and not block out light, and not allow people to see in. Shutters & horizontal blinds block too much light & allow people to see in; sheers block too much light; I don't like silloettes or luminettes for the same reason. I am really stumped. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!