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Weekend Musings

The weekend is finally here
and I am looking forward to doing a little sleeping in.

It has been a super busy couple of weeks over here
 which I love and is always fun and exciting. 
After heading to High Point Market to load up on inspiration ( and 25 new ideas for making over 
I was back home for a couple days  and then off to one of my favorite cities 
 New York City.

A mix of business and pleasure- it was a working trip but with some down time
 to do some of the fun stuff too- like jogging in Central Park.

#1. Jogging in Central Park

I know, it might seem like a crazy thing to think of jogging in Central Park as being fun.
But I have always wanted to do that.
Why? I have no idea. 
Maybe because the first time I went to Central Park, I was in love big time. 
As in, it is one of my favorite spots in the city- and I could literally sit for hours and enjoy it.
There is something about that towering city skyline surrounding that beautiful park.
And I love how there is always so much going on there- in every corner.  Never a dull moment.
So, last weekend, I put on my running shoes and jogged a bit through the park.

And I loved it and it is definitely on my to-do list for the next trip too.

#2. Bench Sitting

Another favorite thing to do that is kind of completely opposite from jogging? 
Bench sitting.  ;)
Sometimes I like to just sit and observe 
I know, that sounds kind of strange, but I find it fascinating to stop for a few moments
quiet your mind and just take notice of what is all around you.
Especially when visiting a new city or a favorite city such as NYC.
I have done the touristy things-and they are fun but that isn't what I look forward to the most.
It is the 'everyday' that you might miss if you are only on the tourist loop.

Like the sounds of a festival in the park drifting across the street
the smell of fried food coming from the vendor stand on the sidewalk
and the noise that is a constant background music in the city.
It is inspiring to me and I guarantee you I have a big grin on my face half the time.
Maybe because it is so different than what I see everyday
but also because it feels like you are right there in it and instead
of experiencing it as a tourist- you are just another part of the music.

#3. Peonies in the house

In the house, in the farmhouse sink, in the bathroom. On the nightstand. 
Even on the bench in the living room.

You name it- 
those peonies are filling my house with their sweet scent and luscious big blooms and
I can't get enough of them and you know, I seriously feel like I need to file a complaint that these peonies are not around longer. They bloom for such a short time.
 I am not so patiently waiting for the rest of the buds from last week to open up-
 and when they do- you can bet you will see more of them coming your way.

#4. Vintage Ladder Love

An orchard ladder indoors?
 What about a ladder used as a pot rack? 
Using vintage ladders in decor is a fun and easy way 
to bring a little bit of that rustic charm indoors- and I might be guilty of using a particularly
large 20' tall orchard ladder for everything from stockings to a flag to hydrangeas.

See my favorite way  to use that old orchard ladder out in the cottage
as well as a couple other ideas for bringing a little ladder love into your home.

#5. Trash Talk

Okay, not really 'trash talk' but, yes, talking about trash.

You might remember this little container with the cute embossing and sweet charm
 that I didn't use as intended.
  Well, it is making an appearance over on the HomeGoods blog this week 
and stay tuned for a fun link party coming your way 
in a couple weeks over there as well.

That is it for todays Random edition.
Stay tuned for something that inspired me, plans for an upcoming remodel and another DIY edition on how to get the look- coming your way.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Love your peonies ......I would put them all over the house as also.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Your post made me smile. It was full of just fun stuff.

  3. I am totally in love with peonies. Have some plants which haven't bloomed yet. I'm hoping maybe this year. I guess it takes
    a while. When you're in love though, it's difficult to wait!