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Saturday Musings

Happy Saturday everyone.

Can you believe it is already the weekend?
Where did the week go?
It is already random Saturday time
and this week- it is all about something french blue... 
something to do with a wedding
 a little cottage style outdoors.

1.  Something 'French' blue

French. Blue. Gold. Shabby. Patina. 
I could go on and on and on.
 But I will leave it at something new arrived this
week- and I am Can't wait to share more about this gorgeousness
and a couple others with you soon. 

2.  Christmas Wedding peek

I think I may need to renew my vows at a Christmas wedding. Or at least help plan a Christmas wedding... hmm...
The twinkling lights. The flickering candles. The whole magical feeling.
 I  have been having SO much fun styling a Christmas wedding table & tree with Balsam Hill this week.  Sharing just a sneak peek- but it will be on the Balsam Hill blog next week.

3.  Covered in sawdust

Your bathroom update this week?  Sawdust. Lots and lots of sawdust. 
I have observed something.
Did you know that sawdust magically floats around and covers EVERYTHING with tiny little sawdust bits?
 I am over it. But... the bathroom is coming along and hopefully, fingers crossed, in the next 2 weeks we will have TILE.
 I have no exciting update photos... but will say that I have finally chosen the floor tile. ;)

4. Summer Home Tour 

Did you see the Summer Home Tour? It is so inspiring!!
There are 31 bloggers joining together and sharing a peek at their homes dressed for Summer with the BHome tour- and a giveaway as well! 
 You can find the details and links to each of them in my post HERE.

5. Cottage On the Patio

Talking about Cottage Style on the Patio this week
and sharing a few tips for how to get the look at your own home.
Hint: It involves the indoors. ;)

You can find my post and tips here

And one for the road-my daughter shared a motivational something with me recently
you have probably seen it-
but it cracks me up and motivates me at the same time so sharing a link.
And all I have to say is click the video and
 just do it.

Happy weekend.

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  1. That video is scary! I wanted to not do it at the first yell. Hahah :D

    Cover your plugs with baby safety covers. Sawdust in them is an electric fire risk. A remote one but who wants to risk it?

    A lot of teasers in this post!

  2. Very anxious to see that French, blue, gold, shabby, patina DELICIOUSNESS!!! Every time I see that kind of color, it always reminds me of ASCP Paris Grey? But I love it anyhow:) You have a very romantic home Courtney! Love it!!

  3. Can not wait to see your something new!!!!!!!😊 Christmas wedding!!!! Oh, I am so excited !!!!!!! I can not wait to see what your up too.🌻🌻😊
    Have a great weekend.

  4. You are full of plans and teasers! Love it!

    Jane x