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Outdoor Living~ 3 things for a Cottage Look

Summer has officially and most definitely arrived...
 and it has brought the heat.

It is supposed to be over 100 degrees here today. Before noon.
That means tonight will be a late night out on the patio enjoying the evening
 while trying to cool down a bit. 

A couple weeks ago, I shared a peek at the patio wearing a bit of summer-
 and today I am sharing a closer look what
3 things I used
to get a cottage style look.
One of the questions I get asked a lot is about how to get the look
without buying a whole bunch of new pieces
or spending a a lot to change things.

So this subtle summer look used just 3 different things
and they are all inexpensive and easy to incorporate.

Side Note:
Did you know that I walked on the wild side recently and went a little bold color wise?
 I did. 
And there is a funny story that goes along with it that has something to do with the patio. 
And bright blue. I will share the 'bold look' and the story next week.  ;)

For now-
 it is all about soft and subtle.

I didn't want over the top- I wanted simple.
And I got the look with just 3 things that were new to the patio.

Lanterns. French market shams. A straw tote.
Simple right?  But those three things brought cottage charm 
and gave the patio a fresh summer look.


These are amazing. Seriously- simply amazing.
They are cast iron and glass and heavy, heavy, heavy lanterns.

Lanterns are easy to incorporate in several ways.
You can use small lanterns tucked by a potted plant
  on a fireplace mantel or to light the steps up to a garden or door.
Bring the larger ones in and place them next to a chair 
or on the floor to bring a warm ambiance. 

French Market Shams

Okay- so technically- these are bed shams 
but you know that I am not a huge fan of following design rules.
 Pillow shams are perfect on the bed of course but they also work in other places..
Sometimes, bedding just has the most perfect pattern, fabric, color, etc. and maybe you want a larger or even just a more floppy pillow. 

I use bed shams on the sofa all the time
and they work perfectly outdoors on the patio as well.

So if you have a favorite pillow sham or pillow that you want to use outdoors
why not try it?

 Just remember that bedding is not all weather- so the shams will get bleached by the sun 
and damaged by the weather if left out.
 So use them but be mindful if you want to keep using them.

Market Tote

So many of you have asked about 
how to use a pretty basket in decor as I showed in the patio styling.

Creating a 'moment' in a room 
 like a basket of flowers that looks as if it it was just plopped down on the counter or floor
is one way to add a ton of charm and interest. 

Though this basket is actually used for bringing market goods home
and it does look like this with flowers inside of it quite often  because we all know I am obsessed
(and okay with it)
you can  re-create the look and just leave it up as part of the decor every day.

Start with your basket and then choose your flowers- fresh or dried.
You can use dried florals for no fuss upkeep
or use fresh flowers and simply place a jar or vase of water inside the basket

Easy. Easy. Easy.

Love these pieces as much as I do?
Get the look here:

I am a bit of a crazy woman over here this week.
 We are knee deep in the bathroom project and another big project and are also 
caring for one of our dogs who isn't well and spending time with her.

But I will be sharing some fun stuff this month
like my office makeover with that gorgeousness that arrived recently.
Here is a little sneak peek

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Well done- the perfect look. Sure makes me wish I could come right on over to enjoy those heavenly spaces too!

  2. Beautiful pieces... I love the lanterns and I can't wait to see your office decor.


  3. Just love your tips to the ones who don't know how to achieve French country cottage style. it's all at my finger tips, as I live in France in a country cottage, I have my market tote bought just after I arrived in France 25 yrs ago. My vintage iron cot-bed which a friend gave to me, as she didn't know what to do with it. naturally I said i would love to have it, now it's on my terrace, still in it's rusty state, I've pondered whether to paint it or leave it , I've decided to leave it, as when friends arrive and see it, it's a great talking point, all thinking about the tales it could tell if only it was able to talk.I rarely leave a comment but I love seeing your photo shoots. I still have my copy of ' Maison Chic ' Aout 2012 when I found your blog.and have followed you since then.

  4. Love all your tips and your photos, the photos are so pretty. I noticed the Christmas tree in the pillow photo :D.
    Have a great day

  5. I LOVE your ideas, Courtney, and am already putting together ways to achieve this look tomorrow!! :)

    Jane x

  6. Gorgeous photos. I love the gold flower vase! Need to find myself one of those. So pretty.

  7. Hi Courtney
    I love your beautiful and simple way of cottage decorating. Great tip on using bedroom pillow shams for out door decorating. Gorgeous!! Looking forward to seeing your office. Hope you enjoy the 4th of July weekend.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  8. i've always loved the french country look. i love how you incorporated all thhe soft yet cottage feel! great job!

  9. Love your backyard decorating and your outdoor space looks so nice!! Can't wait to see more on the bathroom projects and I can't WAIT to see the office project to. I have been looking for a white table exsactly like the one your "sneak peeking" so i'm excited to see everything!!

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs