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Random Saturday

It's the weekend.

That means sleeping in and maybe a little R&R.

#1. Haven

This weekend I am at Haven with GMC- and what a great time we are having! I love seeing good friends and meeting so many new blog friends in person and gearing up for the next Worlds Longest Yard Sale event. GMC will actually be choosing one person from the conference to win a spot.

#2. More Coffee

 I got up at 3:30 am to catch an early morning flight. 
And then I might have stayed up until a normal time for California- or in other words a little bit late time for Atlanta. And then got up early again- because, I needed coffee and to burn off a little morning steam. 
After a quick jog- I tanked up to get ready for the day. And then refilled. Because I wanted to be alert for the classes I was attending that day. A class on being published and a class on branding~ both awesome classes taught by some bloggers you might know- like Miss Mustard Seed.

#3.  Freesia

I picked up a beautiful bunch of freesia last week. 

Pretty little white blooms, an intoxicating scent and so much to love about them. 
If you haven't brought freesia home with you before and see it at the market- give it a try some time. It is such a simple and beautiful flower.

#4.  The Big Sale Event

Yesterday happened to be the start of one of the biggest sales of the year at Nordstrom.
I know you might think of Nordstrom for clothing- and that is on sale too but they have a ton of home and entertaining items as well. 
From pillows to curtains to candles to entertaining essentials to tons of monograms. 
I have a few things on my list like this glasses and wood serving tray for under $10. 

#5. A new crystal covered love

Something gold, covered in crystals and absolutely gorgeous
arrived last week. It might have taken me about 4 hours to put each crystal on
and the more that went on- the more I loved it.

Just a sneak peek for now- but I am in BIG TIME love.
Will be sharing all the details on where it came from
very soon.

Coming your way next week-

A fresh look with paint
The details on that antique mirror I brought home with me from San Diego
and a new look coming your way.

That is it for this weeks random edition

Happy Saturday everyone.

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  1. Enjoy your classes. I am looking forward to hearing about them and seeing more of your crystal treasure!

    1. You will love it- it is stunning! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. You will love it- it is stunning! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Will try Fresia and will check out N sale, usually don't lake it out of shoe dept!

  3. Enjoy your weekend! I love Nordi's half yearly!! Can not wait to hear about your trip, the yard sele and your new shinning find.
    Have a great day.

  4. Good thing you were inside for the conference - it was HOT! in Atlanta this weekend!

  5. You have an amazing aesthetic!
    Michelle from