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Weekend View

Most every weekend over here 
there is a random Saturday post that goes up.

Sometimes, it is definitely a bit more random than others
and sometimes it is all about decor, or ramblings or who knows what.

This week, it is mostly about spending a few days at the beach
and just a few simple observations.

Under the boardwalk

I think the walking on the top of a boardwalk or pier is amazing.
The view of the ocean is gorgeous and inspiring and incredible.

But I also love walking underneath them. 
There is something a little mystical and powerful about it .

Toes in the sand

My husband knows me well. 
And he knows that I need an escape to the beach every chance I can get.
The fresh air, the water, the warm sand- it is all super inspiring and relaxing 
and it definitely spurs my creative energy
 (and my 'take a few minute nap on the beach' energy) ;)
 in a big way.
This week he planned a little beach getaway on the central coast
 in Pismo Beach.

 I am working on a few things behind the scenes and sometimes,
they start to spin around like a wheel in my brain and
 I definitely do need to unplug and recharge. 
The beach is definitely the best place I know to do that.
I always come home feeling like I tanked up on good energy.

Unexpected beauty

I love finding the unexpected beauty in something.
Like this gentleman playing his guitar while watching the sun slowly set over on the ocean.
 A scene like this one is always something that makes me pause to capture the moment
and listen for a few minutes.

Hiking a mountain 

Hiking up a mountain sounds like something random and different- 
but is actually something we do more often than not. 
While in Pismo, we wandered inland to San Luis Obispo
for the morning and trekked up one of the many mountains. 

It was a bit longer than we planned on (ahem, took the wrong path a few times)
and being that the fall weather was in the mid 80's- it was definitely a bit warmer. 
The view was great at the top
though my achilles heel definitely ended up paying the bulk of the price for it. 

(And no I did not climb up onto that rock aye aye aye) 


Our hotel was right on the ocean and had an incredible view
not to mention being so close to the sounds of the waves.
We enjoyed waking up with coffee in hand while watching the sunrise
and relaxing in the evening watching the sun set slowly
while out of the deck.  

But each night we were there- right about 7pm
 there were a few hotel residents who decided to mosey on out for dinner. 
In bulk.
And I'm not talking about friendly folks in another room enjoying a coastal stay.
There were apparently several bat families living in the attic of our building. 
Right above our deck.

So after me freaking out a bit the first night when they flew right past me,
we made our way inside the screen door when we saw the first one each night
and waited until they were all out and about.
They say they are good luck in the house actually, but after having had a bat
 inside our home a couple of times- 
and even 2 that flew into a second floor hotel room one evening while we were
staying in Santa Cruz, 
I am definitely not a fan when I see them flying around close enough that you can hear them flap their wings as they fly by.
I know they are not out to get you  and they are just out gathering their meal for the day
but they make me a little freaky when they are so close.

And...on that bat note...
It has been years since I have done anything big with a halloween bash-
 but this might be there year I get back in the swing of things. 
But until then,  I went through my archives
 ( waaay back actually- like the first year I was blogging)
 and I found some favorite ideas and shared them in a new post over at Ebay. 

and a few

Read them if you dare... ;)

I am changing things up over here a bit
and will be sharing more about that soon 
I am looking forward to shifting gears
and...yes,  I am missing the beach already.

Happy Saturday.

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  1. Wonderful weekend sharing and best wishes back to you. Cheers, Ardith

  2. Courtney thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures today. I needed to see that, sometimes I forget how much beauty is still in the world. Of course, that Halloween mantel made me smile too!

  3. Just Beautiful. So happy for you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The beach is wonderful anytime of year. We had a furious rain storm this morning but watching the drops bounce off the water makes it more interesting than confining. Beautiful photos...

  5. The beach and ocean help me recharge too. Getting away from daily stuff is such fun! Love your pics.

  6. My parents had a cottage..and the west pier was one of those places to contemplate the universe, if you stayed out (usually casting or flyfishing) after the sun dipped below the trees, the bats would come out. Always amazed me how they dodged a tiny fly on the end of a thin line. Never was I bothered, ruffled maybe by the swish as they went by, as they ate their body weight in bugs and mosquitos. Ever creature has its place in the Universe. Thanks for bringing me back to the memory. Sandi