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Simple Christmas ~ Using fresh fruit in holiday vignettes

Did I mention that I am obsessed with fresh natural touches
for Christmas?

Pomegranates, pears, nuts and apples & oranges and wee little tangerines
with leaves attached- I love them all.
And I love to include them in holiday vignettes.

I thought I would share a few easy and simple ideas 
today- a few from recent posts and a few from Christmas past.
The best part?
 They are easy to put together in a few minutes- especially if
you have guests coming and want something charming quick-
you can just shop the fruit bowl.

#1. On the Table

Fresh fruit is perfect for adding to a garland on the table for a festive holiday touch.

For a more bold look-go for red.

#2. On the Mantel

Gorgeous natural colors of Christmas are perfect for mingling on the mantel with fruit.
I am loving muted bosc pears with green and gold.

#3. In the cupboard

Dressing up your dishes that are on display for Christmas? 
Yes, please.

I love using tangerines with those pretty little leaves attached 
in a display in cupboards or open shelves.

In the antique cupboard in the kitchen- 
 a bowl of pomegranates was all this piece needed.

A closer look at both of these cupboards and their stylings coming soon.

#4. On the porch

And another place for citrus fruit which I shared a closer look at recently
is out on the porch.
Oranges or apples are perfect for adding to planters 
and the base of evergreens for a festive touch.

#5. Out on the rock Fireplace

Green apples, artichokes and a string of cranberries mixed with fresh greens.

I will share more of this years look using fresh fruit coming up soon
and you can see more in my holiday home tour  
Here .
I am joining Country Living Magazine & Hometalk for a Holiday Blog hop this evening

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  1. I love natural elements as well - it looks gorgeous through your home- pinned it!
    ~Angie @ KnickofTime

  2. Oh my gosh, every single one of your fruit holiday vignettes is gorgeous! I love the oranges used outside with your lanterns.

  3. Love your style and creativity. Using fruit for Christmas is a great way to add a fresh look. Thanks for your inspiration.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. As usual just amazingly gorgeous Courtney!

  5. Oh wow!... so lush and luxurious with the fruit! those pomegranates! beautiful! :)

  6. Wow...! It's really a super idea! Will apply next time! :)

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