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Beautiful architecture and irresistible charm of New Orleans

Do you know how many photos I took on my recent trip to New Orleans?
At least 100.

Old entry door with brick in NOLA

Okay, maybe more like 357.

And sure,
there was that random photo of me enjoying my first legit beignet
and wondering why after jogging in the heat and humidity that morning -
 I was undoing all the work with just a few bites...

(well, because... yum!) 

But 99 % of the photos were not of me.
Or my husband. 
Or the event I was in New Orleans to speak at.

Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana

They were of the amazing architecture.

Brick and ivy courtyard in New Orleans

The buildings that spoke perfect patina
With bricks, plaster, charm... vintage French style. 
Those hidden courtyards just beyond the gate 

Brick courtyard in New Orleans with fountain

and the beautiful attention to detail and history
inside St. Louis Cathedral.

New Orleans St. Louis Cathedral

Serious architectural dreams.

New Orleans Architecture

Those old weathered shutters around doors and windows?
Got me every.time.

Shutter doors in pea green in New Orleans

Arched doorways? Yes. Yes. Yes.
And balconies with old metal railings? Of course.

French Quarter building with ferns and railing in NOLA

And ferns and blooms around every corner?
Need I say more?

French Quarter building with ferns on railings

I mean... come on...

Statues found in New Orleans French Quarter

we even found the Haunted Mansion statues hidden in a lush courtyard.
New Orleans has been on my list of places to visit in the US for as long as I can remember.
You see..
New York City has always been the number 1 top spot I wanted to go.
And number 2?
Well that was New Orleans.

Fast Fact:
Did you know that when I go to Disneyland
while the kids ride the roller coasters
I sit with my coffee in New Orleans Square and people watch?
And Pirates, The Haunted Mansion and the Riverboat area are my favorites.
So.. I had this fantasy idea of what it would be like.
And I was thrilled when an opportunity to speak on a Design Blogger panel
brought an opportunity to visit New Orleans.

When we arrived in New Orleans in the evening-
we wandered the wrong way
and found ourselves on Bourbon Street.

New Orleans Bourbon street

I will just say-
while I definitely wanted to see Bourbon Street-
 I was a little surprised at how wild and crazy it was at only 7pm.  
On the caution of several people - including our uber driver-
we decided to come back in the morning for photos
and leave the wild and crazy Bourbon Street
to those who were wild and crazy. :)

Bourbon Street in New Orleans at night

We went to dinner-
and then found our wild and crazy
which was relaxing by the rooftop pool for the evening.

Rooftop pool at night in New Orleans

You can almost see the humidity in the sky- and the storm that was rolling in.
 Incredible. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain...
wholly guacamole. 

One of the things that I like to do when traveling is to act like a local. 
Not sure I necessarily always look like a local, haha,
but I don't run around and do all of the touristy things
 unless it is really something I am itching to see.  

And I like to keep a routine-
the day starts with a quick run (oftentimes to Starbucks) ;)
and then a lot of walking and exploring.

Royal Street corner in New Orleans, Louisiana

My favorite spot in New Orleans?
Well, it was the French Quarter of course. 

Blue shutters on old building in New Orleans French Quarter

A bit of wandering the streets,
snapping photos and sitting by the mighty Mississippi river for a bit.
And grabbed a delicious bite to eat at the French Market-
 which is like a farmers market type area. 

French Quarter, New Orleans Louisiana

I have to say- finding great vegetarian options in New Orleans was not the easiest.
 But if you are heading there- and looking for vegetarian or vegan food- I have a few great recommendations for you courtesy of my friends at New Orleans based Ave Home.

(Ave Home has some seriously amazing furniture)

We grabbed a quick bite at a vegan restaurant called 'Seed'
and if we had found it on day one- we would have eaten there several times.
Delicious food- all vegan, and tons of options.
Other recommendations for next time: 

St. Louis Cathedral New Orleans French Quarter

But though I ran around like a wild woman snapping 10,000 photos of New Orleans, dancing just a bit to the jazz music here and there ;) and enjoying local cuisine- 

Angel statue inside St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans

I  was in NOLA for the Southern Style Now Festival. This was the first year of the festival- and it is sure to be on repeat.  Put on by Robert Leleux and Traditional Home- it is loaded with amazing design inspiration. I joined several friends and colleagues to speak on the Bloggers Panel all about blogging, how the landscape has changed and just why we all keep doing it. 
It was great fun.

Bloggers on the panel 
 Paloma (La Dolce Vita) Coco (Coco Cozy) Vicki  (The Ace of Space
Toma (The Antiques Diva) Jamie ( I Suwannee) 

After speaking on the panel- it was time for a little more architecture gawking on St. Charles Avenue which is filled with gorgeous southern mansions.

Chandeliers in New Orleans hotel

New Orleans is definitely a city to visit - especially if you love old French style architecture and charm. Heading to NOLA? Don't miss-

Ferns and metal railings on brick building in New Orleans

French Quarter- of course. ;)
St. Charles Avenue-
 Take the trolley for $3 for a 24 hour pass and ride it all the way up and down.
Royal Street has a TON of amazing architecture
St. Louis Cathedral is gorgeous inside and out- and there is a courtyard and park with
musicians playing
Loved it- had to do a quick FB live video.

And plug in some time to just sit at Cafe Du Monde
in the French Quarter and people watch. 

Shutters and arched windows on building in New Orleans

I am officially in love with so much of New Orleans-
 and it is definitely on the list of places to visit again soon.

On a side note:
You may have noticed the start of a new look on my blog today-
 things are a changing and it will be a bit before all the tweaks get worked out-
and so far- there are quite a few...
 so please bear with me and the wackiness as things change.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. Love New Orleans and have been a few times. Love the new blog look!

    1. Thanks Kim!! Working out the tweaks but am loving it so far. :) And I know I told you before but love your new blog look too!

  2. Wow. I have been to New Orleans, but it was quite a few years ago. I didn't get to see as much and it is so fabulous to discover it through your lens. I hope to go back and show this gem to my husband and daughter.

    1. Thank you! It is so funny how different things can look to different people. I tend to capture what captures me ;) and this time- it was definitely the architecture that spoke with a huge amount of charm. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Courtney,
    Your new header design and overall look of the blog is fantastic. One request--- could you use a darker font color for your text, please. The pale color is so hard to read.

    I love New Orleans, also, but haven't been in many years. I used to travel with high school students studying French in Texas as a sponsor to visit NOLA over our Spring Break, the 3rd week of March. It was the perfect time to visit. Flowers were blooming but the summer heat had not yet arrived.


    1. Thank you Judith! And yes- a darker font is on the list already :) I completely agree with it being too light- as did my designer once it was up. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

  4. Oh I love New Orleans!...and if you love N.O., you would love Charleston too....(have you ever been)...So glad you had a great time and yes, a trip to "Cafe" for beignets are a must when you are in N.O.
    Love your new "doo" !!

    1. Thank you Shirley!! And Charleston is another city on the list of places I want to visit!! Must go soon!

  5. I Love NOLA too! My hunny bunny and I fly into Atlanta when we visit our kids in Florida. Ok a little out of the way, but not when we drive through New Orleans to get there. But we go between Nov to Jan. We see the town when it's cooler and ready for the holidays. And we eat and do what locals do. Burbon St is much calmer and we walk way past it into the local area to see colorful homes. Eat at local cafes and meet the locals. We were there in Nov. and plan on going back in March. Oh, I mean visit my sons....

    1. Haha!! Love it!! We love to visit our sons who both live by beaches we love quite often so I know what you mean ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi Courtney,

    Gorgeous post and photos! I've never been to NOLA but I hope to one day. I'm really liking the new blog look too! xoxo ~ Laurel

    1. Hi Laurel!! Thank you!!! And you would love New Orleans- it really is so so pretty!!

  7. Thank you for this peek at New Orleans, Courtney! I LOVE southern charm and architecture so much that my husband and I recently eloped to Savannah. New Orleans is a place I've always wanted to see, and I hope to visit soon.
    P.S. The new look is beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Meg!! Ohhh how fun to elope to Savannah- that sounds soo romantic!! And congratulations!!

  8. As a native Louisianan it does my heart good to see the obvious love you have for New Orleans. So much more than Bourbon Street. Thank you

  9. si j'allais voir La Louisiane
    se serait pour la musique et voir le Bayou
    la végétation très dense doit être impressionnante , partout
    merci de la visite

  10. NOLA is one of my favorite places! But you made me laugh- when I was there a few years ago, I took 1700 pictures, lol. In one week. To this day I have not finished editing them.

  11. I am so glad you love my city! So do I! I have traveled many places but always look forward to coming home. The city is indeed beautiful with so many special places. Inspiration is everywhere and all you have to do is look around you.

  12. I feel in love with several of your pictures. Do you sell your prints? I would be interested in buying several of your pics of homes. We have been several times but ours never turn out as beautifully as yours have. I would love to frame them. Thanks Kris

  13. Love New Orleans and the French quarter. One of our favorite things to do is take a pedicab ride. You can see so much and they will stop and let you take pictures!

  14. Beautiful portrait of the New Orleans we love!