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Friday Favorites~ Eloquence

You know how sometimes you walk into a room
and you feel instantly at home?

Maybe it is filled with pretty things that speak your language.
Like chippy paint and gilded carvings 

and lots and lots of bling...

The Eloquence showroom in High Point is definitely a place I could move right into.
In fact, last weekend at the Patina Farm event, 
I chatted with Kim & Amelia and volunteered to do just that and take care of the
showroom and all the pretty things during the off season.


I mean, somebody has to do it. 

And just look at all the gorgeousness and yummy patina and details to inspire every day?
(And so many beautiful mirrors bouncing the light around meant quite a few unexpected self portraits
in the mix. But, that is pretty much what I looked like snapping photos like a crazy woman of everything. )

Eloquence has been a long standing favorite of mine to visit at High Point Market
and this Market- I was thrilled to be able to tour their brand new showroom
that was absolutely filled to the brim with amazing inspiration.

From gorgeous painted pieces 
topped with gilded mirrors

To vintage furniture with elegant lines and exquisite details

To a whole lot of pretty bling to light the spaces.

I am definitely a huge fan of details- and take notice of them in every vignette.

These huge arched window frames- such a perfect backdrop for that gorgeous bed.

Eloquence carries a mix of reproduction and 'found' pieces
which means there are plenty of one of a kinds to choose from.

The problem is choosing when you want to bring them all home with you.
(such is why I offered to move in and take care of the showroom)

 Of course,
I haven't met a crystal covered chandelier that didn't steal my heart.

or gilded patina...

and beautiful details.

Seriously, a feast for the eyes and French and Swedish style loving hearts
and I am fairly certain that I need a whole lot more Eloquence in my home.
And on top of that- they are the sweetest folks and 
 that is why Eloquence is my Friday Favorite this week.

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration!!

Happy Weekend everyone.

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  1. Oh, every last item would look great in my renovation. But I'm not shipping French antiques from the U.S. back to France. More fodder for the mood board.

  2. Absolute gorgeousness! Thank you for the Eloquence moment!It made my heart happy!