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How to create rustic cottage charm on your patio

Last week, I shared soft, faded, charming patina on the patio.

A fresh look that was filled with muted chalky whites and grey
and barely blushing blush accents.

I have found myself gravitating towards simple and light more and more recently. 
From fresh white paint to furniture changes to bringing in texture in place of color. And out on the patio- it was all about that texture and patina when I was putting things together. 

And today I am sharing a few tips on  achieving that same style in your space 
for those of you who have asked.
And a hint- it is easy.

#1. Bring in the texture

The whitewashed wicker- with all those woven details. 
The pillows that look like sisal but are as soft as can be and the blanket from indoors that is perfect for wrapping up with by the fire.

Textures add a sprinkling of charm and interest.

#2. Something with patina

Though this table has been out on the patio before
(read all about the makeover it got HERE
 it was swapped out for a few chunky tree stumps recently. 
But the minute I started pulling the pieces together to place on the patio- 
it came back over. 

That patina that it has from being painted and then stripped and weathered a bit- with those detailed carvings and scalloped apron- all together they add a huge amount 
of French cottage charm to this space.
 And the soft light color was absolutely perfect for pairing with those chairs and the rock fireplace.

#3. A pop

A pop of classic black pairs with blush to perfection. 
Plus it keeps the patio from feeling too 'white' by adding that contrast.

#4. The rug

There is a story behind that rug. 
You see, I ordered in online and asked my husband stop to pick it up at our local store
 while I was out of town. 

When it arrived, to be honest, I wasn't sure it would work. 
It wasn't the color I was thinking-or the pattern really
 and initially, I left it off the patio and started 
to take some test photographs. 

But it was pretty clear-something was missing.
So, I brought the rug out and set everything up again- 

and it was perfect. 

#5 Steer clear from rooms ready to go

Something I learned a long time ago was to avoid buying 'rooms' in sets.
Think 'collected' rather than ' I walked into the store and brought home a living room '
 Mix and match the styles and era of the pieces.
Sure it is easier to buy an outdoor seating group with a sofa and 2 chairs
and coffee table and put it on the patio and call it good. B
ut for that cottage charm- you want to bring elements and pieces together
that didn't naturally start that way.
That thrift store find with the new chairs and pillows
with your grandmothers favorite pitcher to hold the flowers.
Those pieces mixing and mingling tell a story that is charming and interesting.

And finally

#6. Just go with what you love. 

Your patio is part of your home-
so decorate it the way you would decorate your indoor spaces
and decorate it the way that makes you happy.

Whether that is oversized, chunky furniture, vintage metal chairs
or these dainty wicker chairs-
think of your patio as an outdoor living room- go with the look you love
Sprinkle it with personal touches and style
and create something that is comfortable and beautiful
for enjoying all summer long.

You can find the full patio reveal post
as well as links to the other bloggers who are sharing their refreshed patios as well.

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. I am just in love with your new patio. I love everything about it. And, I love that the rug is not matchy, matchy, but actually pulls out the color in the wicker and the coffee table. Love the blush! Love the bit of black! I love a bit of black in every room! It's all amazing! Soft and beautiful! Be still my heart! <3

    1. Thank you so much! I am enjoying the softer look and feeling it has.

  2. How does the rug work for you outside? Do you roll it up when it rains? I see these kinds of things in places like hotels, where they have staff to do the dirty work. Here at home, the staff is moi.

    1. This is an indoor/outdoor rug so it is better suited to be outdoors- but also, this patio is covered so it stays dry and protected. ( and I hear you on the staff) ;)

  3. Simply gorgeous! I adore the wicker chairs in the chalky white shades. The rug really pulled it together. That is the sort of decision I have the hardest time with by assuming I need to "play it safe" with colors. When I let my mind be open and giving it a try I end up wondering why I hesitated. I went to your link of where the items were available and that was quite handy. Thank you! Your blog site is wonderful and a feast for the eyes.....

  4. now I like your fireplace it looks awesome, the carpet and coffee table pulled it together, but i am having a problem with the mirror, I'm sure it looks great at night reflecting the lights.Wish I had a covered patio. Love your posts!

  5. Your outdoor living area is so pretty!! It turned out great, It looked really good with out the rug but the rug made it look more complete and inviting. Thanks for all the tips.

  6. Bonjour chère amie,

    je suis désolée de ne pas être aussi présente en ce moment... Je suis tellement occupée... mais je ne vous oublie pas !
    Je suis très heureuse de découvrir aujourd'hui cette charmante publication. Une belle invitation au farniente et quel décor fabuleux !
    Merci pour ce délicieux partage. Vos photos sont toujours fascinantes.

    Gros bisous ❀♡❀

  7. I am going to go back and look at the patio reveal post too. This is gorgeous! I want to see how you did the curtains. LOVE the hydrangeas blooming in the square planters! How I would LOVE a fireplace on our patio!!!! It is on my wish list but.....

  8. The enormous hydrangea spilling out of the white wooden planter boxes - SIGH! The colour and finish on the wicker chairs is new inspiration for me to transform my white wicker outdoor sofa.