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3 tips on how to host an easy and fun summer block party

When I was growing up, we lived in a neighborhood where the neighbors took
summer block parties very seriously.
And I loved it.

I remember block parties being a ton of fun. 
We got to see all our friends, we ate all kinds of good food and the adults 
all seem to be having a great time too.
A neighborhood party like a block party is a great way to reconnect with neighbors that you don't see all the time- and to meet new neighbors and welcome them into the neighborhood. 
It is casual and relaxed rather than formal and is just a fun event 
to plan in summer.

And with summer already in full swing- I thought I would share a few tips for hosting/organizing a block party in your neighborhood.

#1. Invite Early

Summer is a busy time. Kids are out of school, people are on vacations- though it is an ideal time to plan a block party- it is also a time where schedules fill up fast. So send out the invites early. 

You can wander around and hand them out- or in todays world- send off an email invite. But plan ahead for the best response.

#2. Delegate

You don't want to be the only one preparing food for the entire.neighborhood.  Unless you just have one or two neighbors which isn't the case for most of us. So when sending out invites- ask for everyone to pitch in. 

It can be bringing food, it can be helping with set up- etc. Ask for everyone to take a task, food item, etc. and join in to make it easier all around.

#3. Plan a Progressive Party

I LOVE a progressive party- which basically means starting at one house for hors d'oeuvres and then moving to another for dinner, then another for dessert and so on.  I would probably choose to set a pretty table for the neighbors to enjoy outside for cocktails and treats...

Or maybe to be the last stop on the fun party tour and have a fire for roasting marshmallows and relaxing. 

It is a great way to get more neighbors involved in hosting and to take some of the planning, cooking, etc. work off of your shoulders 
so you can do your part and then enjoy yourself!

And since it is Wednesday... you can also watch this video
sharing about hosting a block party 

In floor refinishing news-
 the stain is wrapped -
 and today it is time for the first coat of poly. 
I cannot. wait. to get it done and get the furniture back in the house
and off the patio.

Happy Wednesday 

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  1. Those are great ideas, especially the progressive party. But how can I get out of cooking?

  2. Love, love this idea! Super cute invitation and inspiring photographs. Can I please have a piece of the fruit topped cake? And be your neighbor? Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. We did a kind of block party--la Fête des Voisins-- in late May. It's an official thing, I think global even. Anyway, we had planned to do it in a little parking lot in front of one neighbor's house. Then another neighbor said it would be too much on the busy street and we'd end up with lots of uninvited guests (i.e., potentially not enough food), so he invited us to HIS parking lot--he has a big winery. Well, it rained, and we ended up IN the winery, underground where the wine ages. Talk about atmosphere! We did that a few years, with everyone bringing two dishes, but it was a lot of work for the organizers. This year, a different neighbor invited us to their home, again with everyone bringing food and wine. The weather cooperated and it was outside. Our town "rents" chairs and tables (€1 chair and you get it back on return of the chairs PLUS they deliver and pick up).

  4. Progressive parties are fun. Your cake looked gorgeous!