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Random Weekend

It is that random weekend time over here- where I share bits about little things
all wrapped up into one post.

And this morning, 
 I was up for an early start to the day over here
courtesy of my grand dog who loves to party in the middle of the night.

So this weeks random weekend edition is all about Grand Dogs, Father's Day, Floors, and holidays.

Party Time 

Not sure why this little grand dog of mine gets up all.night.long...
but I think he gets up,
and when he realizes no one is up-he decides someone
SHOULD be up with him and starts barking. And barking. 
And... well, you get the picture.

But up early means more time to get a little work done while it is quiet
and to enjoy watching the world wake up
and is a good excuse for more coffee.

Father's Day 

That means a day to celebrate all those Dad's and Dad figures in our lives.
Did you know that I have two dads? 
Divorce and remarriage will do that- but both are special to me for different reasons and I am celebrating both of them today. 

I am also celebrating my husband of course- 
who is an amazing father to our now grown children. 
None of us are getting together today with various schedule conflicts
 but I would love to be baking (and enjoying) a couple  special treats for each of them
 and letting them relax a bit for the day.
If you haven't found the perfect treat for your Dad - a simple to make but oh so delicious dessert -one of these decadent cheesecakes- might be perfect.
  Or maybe a baked brie will do the trick.
 And they are all quick and easy to make- the baked brie takes about 20 minutes total.

Refinishing floors

I mentioned the other day that we are refinishing the living room floors.
As in, we scraped, sanded, sanded, sanded and then scraped again. And now are gearing up to sand and then stain, and then poly and then sand and then poly again and then sand and then poly again.
 I am exhausted and covered in dust just thinking about it. 

And the current state of the floors- well they are looking kind of like
 a pirate ship ... as my daughter commented.
They are several colors, layers and just look like a lot of yuck.
Old floors= a lot of old layers of finish. 
We have refinished the floors before- but with time- we forgot about all the work.
But, we are right back in that ' what were we thinking' spot again.

Holiday stylings

 Ho Ho Ho and Jingle Bells and maybe a little sprinkling of pumpkin spice in the air?
Yes, it is happening over here.
I am working on autumn AND Christmas this week.
 I ordered greens and flowers from the SF Flower Market- and requested autumn colors. 
And they said ' What?' 
When working ahead for print and catalog- styling for the upcoming seasons it is what you do.
 And yesterday I sent my husband a photo of a Christmas tree in a basket in the living room 
(with the unfinished floors) and said
 'It's happening.' 
And he said  ' It's JUNE.'
And I said 'I know.'
and then turned the tree on and smiled as it started twinkling away.

Of course since we are refinishing the floors- the Christmas styling will be short this time- 
but since I have a shoot to-do list a page long- I think there might be more twinkling lights popping up before too long.

Summer Stylings

At the same time as Christmas trees and fall foliage going up in the house-
 outdoors it is all about summer. 

Shooting a few fun things coming your way that are summer inspired as well
and I will be sharing more about the new hammock getting ready for the graduation 
party soon.

In other random news
I shared all about the Perfect deck lighting at Lamps Plus Style Illuminated this week-
I am loving those subtle mood lighting options.

Such a cute post about Terra Cotta Pot love
adding a sprinkling of spa feeling in your bathroom?

And coming this week- 
I will share a few more tips about bathroom stylings and share a sneak peek at the new 
look in the bathroom
a summer table for entertaining
 and more about the changes in the bedroom.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. That's so funny about the Christmas and fall shoots because of scheduling. Magazines really work far in advance. Shocking to me as a newspaper journalist, used to getting things in the paper in hours, and for the past decade, minutes.
    Your photos are gorgeous. You are in the right profession!

  2. Sounds like your going to be busy ,busy. . Liked the article on aging terra cotta pots
    Hope you can take a coffee break or two some where. In all that busy. ����