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Friday Favorites- The Perfect Camera Lens For Capturing Details

Did you know that there was once a girl who randomly started a blog 

and took all the photos for it with her Iphone 3?
And it was all good.

She was snapping away, having a great time and indulging in her love of photography and styling and dreamed about those photos appearing in print one day,
And then a magazine came calling and jobs started popping up.
And those photos?
 Well, they weren't exactly print quality in the iphone 3 resolution.
You see, it started out as a hobby.

But a funny thing happened along the way.

That hobby turned into a job and then into another and another. 
And she found a strong love of photography growing like a wild fire. 
And all of a sudden that iphone was being used for making phone calls and surfing the web
and a Canon Rebel took over the photography job.

Since then, I have purchased 2 other Canon Cameras and my love of photography keeps growing. 
I will share all the good and bad about each one soon and
I am often asked how I learned how to handle a camera and take photos.
 What is the right setting? 
Which lens should I use? 
How do I take a photo and make it crisp?

I shared a few tips here and there over the past few years- and today-I thought I would start revisiting some of those tips. 
Because some of you may have questions, may have missed the original or may be new here. 
So for the next month or so- I will be revisiting some of those old posts-
like this one-
which is all about 

Today is day 2 on the GMC Yard Sale Adventure- and we are finding all kinds of amazing already. Follow along the hashtag #gmcyardsale
 on twitter, instagram and facebook 
for more behind the scenes snaps. 

And something special coming your way... 
along the lines of an e-book and something else. 
Stay tuned!

Happy Friday Favorites everyone!

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  1. Great advice! Thanks. I need to work on my photography.

  2. This sounds like fun., the photos on FB are pretty cool.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. I feel all feminine when I see them. :)