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4 simple and charming early autumn decor ideas

September brings warm days and crisp evenings.
Colorful leaves on the ground 
and the smell of pumpkin spice and cocoa in the house.

And it also brings pumpkins... and lots of them.
But not usually right away. 
Which means early autumn decorating in September often times 
involves things other than pumpkins. 

I have the first of several home tours coming up next week and have been scrambling to find pumpkins to mix into my home. 
And not one in sight yet...
So, I am going back to my early fall ideas and posts for inspiration
 and sharing a few that don't require pumpkins
for Friday Favorites today.

Simple is always my favorite look. 
And I seriously may have to recreate this-  I love it so much.

Those wicker paper plate holders 
that you can find at the thrift store for 10 cents inspired this vignette. 
Mix in a few wicker trays and it is perfect.

Hydrangeas and a vintage bucket? 
Yes. Yes. Yes. Perfect for outdoor or indoor charm and a 5 minute decorating idea.

Teacups and Acorns

And if you are looking for something simple and sweet for a side table or cupboard-
maybe a stack of charming teacups filled with acorns is perfect.

That is it for Friday Favorites this week

Have a wonderful safe long weekend everyone!

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  1. There are big, beautiful chestnut trees around our village. Fall used to mean stopping to fill pockets with fallen chestnuts, so glossy and brown, and also to pick up bright red leaves that came off the ivy on a house near a square. We always had a big bowl of them on the coffee table. The good old days of elementary school. Now, phone in hand, our kid heads with others to the bus to the big school. Please, no public sightings with mom. Chestnuts are left for a new generation to gather.

  2. If only I had psychic power. I have loads of pumpkins and am right around the corner from Calistoga! I would have gladly donated a bushel or a peck to see them scattered in your lovely home.

  3. Love your idea of the hydrangeas in the olive bucket ! I had to do it as well! Thank you!

  4. I love your old kitchen hutch with the Cinderella pumpkins and hydrangeas from your post a couple days ago. A romantic soft Autumn look. I have faux acorns in a Autumnal bowl in my kitchen.
    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, Kathleen in Az

  5. I love the idea of using hydrangeas in the home. The complex where I live asked if they could photograph all of my rooms for their brochure and I quickly cut a basket full of hydrangea from a friends yard to display in several rooms. The are so big and you don't need many to fill a vase or container like you did with that great olive bucket, a great idea!

  6. Love your subtle colors and denim looks...going in search of acorns for my transferware teacups. =)

  7. Drying hydrangeas in a bucket are perfect as we enter fall. I'm looking forward to pumpkins but living in Florida, mine will have to be velvet for the time being.

  8. Such lovely ideas...thank you. My favorite those teacups and acorns!