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5 simple charming autumn vignettes

Simple vignettes for autumn?
Why not?

autumn fall vignette acorns in a teacup

They are a perfect pairing in my book. 
And since they are small little charming little bits they don't require a ton of time 
and energy to put together. 

Which is even better.

Today I am sharing a few simple autumn vignette projects from the past.
Whether you place a pumpkin in a tea cup or just on a couple of stacked saucers, or stack a bevy of tiny pumpkins in a crate on the coffee table-  little vignettes are always charming. 

autumn vignette pumpkin on blue and white plate

And since you can put them together in just a few minutes on a side table, in a cupboard or even on your night stand- they are perfect for just a sprinkling of autumn. 

Simple whites

pumpkin in white teacup in cupboard

A huge fan of simple white dishes- 
and this charming teacup with a pumpkin was perfect for placing inside the cupboard
 for a touch of autumn.

Acorn love 

There was that time I was competing with the squirrels for the acorns in the yard that fell from the oak tree. I have a handful that I keep to use for vignettes- and this look with brown transferware is a favorite.

brown transferware white teacup and acorns

Blue & white & orange

Maybe something more bold and beautiful is your favorite- and for me- bold and beautiful and blue is perfection. 
autumn vignette and orange pumpkin

A stack of blue and white with a bed or moss and an orange pumpkin- yes please.

Crate of pumpkins

autumn vignette of pumpkins

A favorite for sure- and this one took just a few minutes. 
A bed of faux berry garland, stacks of pumpkins and a few pieces of hydrangea.

Pumpkins and silver

white baby boo pumpkins in silver

Need I say more?
Pumpkins and silver just go together perfectly.
These vintage goblets got a bed of hydrangeas and wee baby boo and were perfect.

For more ideas- see my post about 5 minute decorating- Autumn Vignettes 
I am excited to share that my husband brought home a bag full of 
baby boo pumpkins yesterday.
The stores are finally getting them in folks.
Which means- 
more little pumpkin vignettes are coming your way soon.

Happy weekend

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  1. Good Morning Courtney
    I had t laugh out loud when you said you were competing with the squirrels for the acorns. I love Brown Transfer Ware I think it would work in my Tuscan kitchen with my stone table.

    Is there a drying out time for acorns? I found great acorns then came the white worms. I also have a round silver tray and wonder how to use it in my home.

  2. Charming indeed!...Thanks for the beautiful inspiration Courtney!