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Quick and easy way to remove a stain from marble

The other day, I shared a most delicious ooey gooey mouth watering baked brie.
 Wrapped in pastry, topped with blackberry preserves and sprinkled with blackberries & pecans...

Seriously. Amazing. 

And since I was sharing the recipe on my blog, 
I snapped a few photos of the ingredients on a favorite marble and copper pastry board. 
And while I snapped away... 
something happened.

I wasn't even thinking about those blackberries being on marble.
 They were just simply whole fresh picked blackberries. 
Not frozen that were thawing. Not mashed up. Not preserves or jam.
Whole. Fresh. Blackberries.

But you can guess what happened. 
And it wasn't pretty.

(iphone- with berry stains)

Big purple stains splotching all over that marble board.
Oh boy.
I scrubbed with water and a sponge and nothing.
But, I remembered the great blackberry marble debacle from earlier this year.
The one that involved blackberry pancakes 
and my brand new marble counters.
And a quick google on how to clean berry stains off marble.

And I grabbed that same go-to berry stain out of marble fix.
That powder you put in the wash to help keep your whites white
and your colors clean without fading them?

Yep, that Oxyclean.

(with oxyclean on it) 

Basically, you make a paste of sorts with water and oxyclean and sprinkle it on the marble.
Let it sit for a few minutes (or longer if you need to) 
 and rinse off.

After rinsing (iphone photo)

I am not sure if it will work for everything- I have only tried it with blackberries and marble
but it does work. It seems to pull the stain right out
and leave it the marble looking clean.

While it was drying 
you could see that it was starting to look crisp and clean.

And when it was all dried-
 it was all white marble pretty again.

Here it is being used for cheese and crackers after.

Though this seems to work-I definitely wouldn't recommend using a marble board
for serving something with berries like this
because, you just never know if stains will get too set and not come out.

So transfer to a wood serving board or something similar  to be safe
and enjoy.

And for that  you won't be able to stop eating it 
delicious blackberry brie en croute recipe- 
you can find it

Happy Friday everyone

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  1. Great tip which I am going to try today because cleaning the marble with lemon didn't remove the raspberry stains.
    I just happen to have a brie and a punnet of blueberries in my fridge, but not for much longer! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. On berry stains I use liquid soap and vinegar. I alternate between the two. Color changes from blue to red and back, and disappears gradually.