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7 simple charming autumn table settings

It is that time of year when all things merry and bright start appearing.
 And in between Jack o'-lanterns and Christmas trees there is 

Thanksgiving is full of family and friends and memories.
I have such great memories of spending Thanksgiving at my grandparents house each year-
and my grandmothers potato casserole will always be the best ever.
Along with food,  thoughts of entertaining, decorating & table settings
for the Thanksgiving holiday also comes to mind.

So this month, I will be sharing several table setting ideas for inspired 
Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.
Starting with a look back at a few favorites,  a couple of oldies 
and one that might be just a little wild and crazy. 

I have always been an early Christmas decorator over here- and for me, 
Thanksgiving shares in that extra sprinkling of magic that the Christmas season brings
with trees all aglow and music playing.
But even without the twinkle lights in the background-
Thanksgiving tables can be inspired and elegant and full of their own type of magic.
Whether they are more of a rustic style, are simple and sweet or are filled with
 gilded dreamy metallics.

Let's take a look at a few ideas from table settings past.
You can click on the titles to see the original posts- 
along with the details on where to find the pieces to get the look.

I am all about moody elegance lately- and this table gathers up all that mood 
and enjoys it.
Think moody for Thanksgiving- with rich aubergines, greens and deep persimmon colors.

This is a very simple and charming setting-
with everyday white dishes and simple accents for a more rustic look.
And I am a big fan of mixing rustic with elegant.

Because sometimes all you need are a few pumpkins to make that table amazing.
Centerpieces are one of those things that I hear that a lot of you struggle with often.
So, keep it simple.
Just a few Cinderella pumpkins marching down the center of the table
 along with a few greens.

That magnolia has a secret- which means it lasts and lasts and makes a perfect garland for your table
as well as for your door.
Thanksgiving table garlands can play a bit less 'Christmas greens'
and magnolia is perfect.

I shared this just last week- but since it is about Thanksgiving-
I included this easy DIY centerpiece  in case you missed it.

An oldie that shows you don't have to do a lot to make a centerpiece charming.
This is just a pinecone garland- simply gathered up in the center of the table with flowers
and little baby boo pumpkins.

(aka, that time I was completely over the top with setting a table)
Yes, I did hang a chandelier from a tree.
Because. C'est moi.

I was a little wild and crazy to lug that chandelier up into the woods
and hang it from a tree and light it up.
Pretty sure some of the neighbors are talking about that crazy girl who did that even now.
But you know, I am getting used to being 'That' crazy girl... so I guess it is all good.

But seriously, if you live in an area where outdoor Thanksgiving is a possibility-
an outdoor table setting that is inspired with those major sale flowers
and a chandelier in a tree is a great way to dazzle your guests
while being THAT neighbor.

Coming your way:
those silver trophies and how to display them
 a post all about copper in table settings for Thanksgiving
2 new table setting ideas & recipes
a peek at some of what caught my eye at High Point Market
a few of my favorite ornaments 
 a special post about those little furry 4 legged friends.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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  1. All of these are absolutley stunning!
    ~ Valerie

  2. I love that you hung a chandelier from the tree! It makes the outdoor setting so romantic and unexpected. Lovely!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  3. Love all the photos and all are great looking.

  4. That Girl has amazing style skills:).
    Kathleen in Az

  5. Elegantly beautiful love Love love it!!

  6. Elegantly beautiful love Love love it!!

  7. One of the most beautiful table settings I have ever seen!