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15 last minute gift ideas under $25

It is the Saturday 
before the Saturday before Christmas.
The trees are twinkling.  Christmas music is playing.  The house smells like cookies and treats.
The Christmas pajamas are ordered

I have a confession.

I am not done shopping.
Truth be told... I have hardly started shopping. 
And I went online yesterday and with my eyes half closed browsed a few stores to see if there was time to order yet- or if I needed to go out among the crowds this weekend.
And good news- there is time to order.
And I placed several orders with more shopping on the list this weekend so I can fill all the gift boxes
under the tree (rather than just a few of them yet since I am behind)

So if you are like me and are wondering what to get folks on your list-
today I am rounding up 15 last minute gift ideas that are under $25. 

(some affiliates)

Some are quirky. Some are different. Some are ideal.
And some may be perfect for someone on your list.
I know there are quite a few that are perfect for me.

#1.  Portable power

I recently bought a portable power charger for my phone for those times I am on the go and don't have time to sit and charge my phone when it needs it. 
And I am hooked. A perfect gift for anyone on your list - and they can be found everywhere under $20- but linking to a little more $ one HERE

#2. For the Baker

I have a thing for pretty little details and why not have measuring spoons and measuring cups and all those things you need that are pretty as well? Love these gold measuring cups- under $20 and they have copper too.  Find them HERE

#3. For the Chef

My middle son always wears an apron when cooking- and so I think an apron is a great gift for both men and women (and kids ) on your list.
Love these super charming aprons- and they benefit a good cause as well as being under $15.
 Find them HERE 

#4. For the cat lover

Loving this simple and sweet kitty ring dish- and it is under $15.

 Find it HERE

#5. For those chilly relatives 

I need to order this one for me.
I am always cold and would throw this on all year long and live in it.
 Find it here

#6. For the candle lover

Seriously cute- and just $5.
Find them HERE

#7.  For the planner

I am one of those old school types who likes to jot things down on a calendar as well as use digital. So, when I travel-my planner is close by. Love this one from Sugar Paper HERE

#8. For the Entertainer

Marble and gold barware? For $25 and change? Yes, please. Find it HERE

#9. For the new love or the lasting love

For me, my husband is hard to buy for. He loves gadgety things like flashlights of all things haha and random stuff. I usually gift clothes and an experience like a getaway. But for something simple and personal- these little 'Why I love you' are fun and feel good- and from the heart. Find it HERE

#10. For the furry friends
Gift packs are always great for those furry friends- and the friends who have furry friends.
These are under $7. So good. Find them HERE

#11.  For the Gardener 

Smith and Hawkin always has the most amazing garden gifts- and this tote would be perfect as is or filled with seeds and treats for the garden lover on your list. Find it HERE

#12. For the Coffee Snob

I have one of these mugs and it is a favorite. Linked a similar HERE.

#13. For the monogram lover

A little Kate Spade monogram love- yes please.  Find it HERE 

#14. For the Traveler 

I am a huge fan of french pressed coffee- and those glass carafes are hard to pack unless you are driving. So one that is all metal? Get in my suitcase. Find it HERE

#15. A Gift Card

One of the most popular items on a gift list (other than cash) are gift cards.
 Let them buy what they want- and you can pick them up last minute. Favorites are Starbucks, Target and good old Visa gift cards- though they do cost a bit more to purchase and activate.

And another thought...
Something our family has done since our first baby was born is to buy a gift for the 'Tree'
Which is a gift for kids who are in need. We pick out one from each of our kids and drop them off at the police headquarters or Salvation Army.

And of course- something you can give that is always appreciated
is something you don't have to purchase.
Time and help with a project. Running errands for someone.
Cleaning the house for someone. Or maybe just spending a bit of time visiting.
There are so many people who are lonely, get the Christmas blues or who aren't able to get around as easily as they used to and could use a helping hand
or just an afternoon of visiting and smiling.
Gifts don't have to be purchased.

So there are 15 simple inexpensive ideas for gifting
 that you can wrap up today.
 And the best part- several of these stores like Target, Macy's, Bloomingdales have buy online pick up in store if you are really last minute- no waiting for shipping.
I buy online at Target and pick up in store all the time- it is so simple.
I have even been across the country and placed an order
and asked my husband or son to pick it up so that it is ready to go when I get home.
Basically, they gather up your order, bag it and have it ready for you to pick up so you don't have to go find everything.
Makes is so easy. I love it.

A busy weekend ahead wrapping up that last minute, budget makeover on a space I have never.shared. (and with good reason!) That is coming your way soon- and of course, another week full of Christmas decor, baking and twinkly lights.
Tis the season!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. The best thing on the list is the gift for the tree. Excellent idea!

  2. Great gift ideas, excellent prices! Thanks!