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Happy New Years Eve - 5 tips for a festive NYE table

It is New Years Eve.

It a perfect time to reflect on the year that was and celebrate the possibilities of the coming new year. 
And for some- NYE means lots of glitter, sequins and parties
and for others... 
it means cozying up in your jammies and watching that famous ball drop from the sofa or bed.

My husband has a career where he often is working on holidays 
 and quite often I am home with the family ringing in the new year by getting ahead on work and watching the ball drop in Times Square on television. 

But... that doesn't mean that I don't set an inspired table for NYE or do a little decorating.
And while I was out and about doing Christmas shopping-
I bumped into the sweetest little NYE treats to include in an inspired table.

On a side note:
Would you believe that these peonies are almost 2 weeks old?
You have to love winter peonies- they just keep on lasting and lasting.

So just a quick collection of photos today sharing those pieces I found
 and a few last minute ideas and tips for a  festive NYE table and decor.
Because if you are like me- you might be running on fumes at this point after the busy Christmas season so easy and simple is a good thing.

#1. Repurpose Christmas garland

Do you remember those Christmas table settings I shared with the fresh garland 
laid down the center of the table? 
No need to toss that garland and come up with something new.
Christmas greens garland works just as beautifully for a NYE table setting. 

Add a few sparkly glittery ornaments, fresh flowers and maybe a couple of festive signs
and call it New Years Eve ready.

#2. Go for the Gold

Gold is always a good thing- and especially when it is on the table
and for New Years Eve.
Glittery bits like party hats, gold rimmed plates and gold detailed stemware
to toast with are perfect.

I also love little gold dessert cups for a scoop of cobbler or ice cream with an elegant touch.
So pull out some of those good gold treasures and put them to use for tonights celebration.

#3. Dress up that bar cart

Bar carts are great, right? They hold all the extra bits like glasses & drink stirrers
and they are a one stop place to fill your glass.
Maybe you have a bar shelf or a bar area or an armoire - I don't know. Whatever you have it is a perfect spot to add a bit of cheer.

For this easy look- 
I draped an extra piece of fresh garland on the bar cart 

and added a glittered stars garland 
and cheers signs for a whimsical touch.

#4. Candles & Ambiance

From mercury glass votives to vintage brass candlesticks to wax covered everything...
there is something about those flickering candles that says


and 'enjoy'

Place candles in the centerpiece - just find a spot and tuck them into the greens- but...
Safety first: make sure you are not leaving them unattended-
and that the greens are not crispy greens and a fire hazard.
If so- forget the real candles and use led candles to be safe.

And another tip- don't forget the backdrop. 
Think in the trees if outdoors-
or along the fireplace or wall if indoors.
Background lighting is so great for adding ambiance where ever you set a table
and is often an overlooked detail.

And another overlooked spot? 
On the ground. 

Especially if you have steps or are outside
lighting up the ground a bit is always a good idea for safety
and it looks so charming.

But back to those simple inexpensive festive gold glittery bits...

#5. The BEST part about those glittery fun bits for NYE-
are that they were all under $5 at Target.

Those gold party hats
festive word picks
glittered garlands
dress up masks and photo booth glasses
and more...

Yep- all under $5 at Target.

So if you are having friends over this evening for a last minute get together- and you have a Target close to you- dash in.
But avoid going to the Christmas clearance aisle because you will be likely to load up on all those treasures on major sale...
Instead head to the party section and pick up some of these cute 
and inexpensive party props.

For more easy last minute NYE decorating ideas 

I am off to take a bit of a break from the busy today.
Some quiet time reflecting, planning and working on a few things behind the scenes.

I have a couple more Best of 2016 posts coming next week
and I will be talking about reflections and goals and dreams.

A few things happened this year that definitely made me step back and change course
when I saw a few things differently than I had before. 
And I am excited for going into 2017 
with clearer vision and focusing in a different way on a few things.
I will share more soon.

  I want to wish each of you a safe and happy NYE whether you are out and about 
or cozy at home
 and a wonderful 2017 ahead.

Happy New Years Eve everyone! 


  1. Courtney, loving those peonies on your gorgeous table, as always! I must ask, how do you get those fabulously drippy candles? Is it a certain type of wax, or do you coax it along, or? Have a very Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Lory! I have no idea why the candles do that! I honestly think it is because they are outside on the table and if there is a little breeze they start to drip. But they are not a special kind or anything and I don't do anything other than light them and enjoy. Happy New Year to you as well!!

  2. Quiet time for me and the only dealing with décor will be removing some. Thank you for sharing these pretties, though. Wishing all of my blog friends the Happiest of New Years.

  3. Love the photo, great tips. Happy New Year to You and your family. I love watching the fireworks on TV .

  4. Pretty tablescape. I love the peonies and all the sparkly things. I am spending a quiet, mostly solitary NYE after having a late Christmas with the family today. I love the quiet after all the hub-bub! I'm quite happy that the holidays are over, actually. Too hectic. But I do love to see the little ones--four grandsons--opening their presents with great excitement. All that wrapping paper ripped to shreds that I spent so much time hiding their gifts in!

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to a new year--starting over in a way. Making new plans, etc. I learned some important things in 2016, for which I am grateful, but now I'm ready to move on and explore new ideas and challenges. This may be the year I sell my house and move. Or maybe not. It's all to be revealed!

    Wishing you a New Year full of surprises and happiness!