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Wine Country inspired Christmas Tree

This week I am up in Calistoga working and playing while being 
 surrounded by all the beauty of the wine country.

The rolling vineyards in the valley, bold beautiful mountains, lush trees and natural beauty.
California wine country is always gorgeous and it always inspires.
And that natural beauty inspired the dining room Christmas tree this year.

The dining room tree started out as being enjoyed simply as a naked tree
covered in nothing but twinkly lights this year.

You see, the Noble Fir is one of my absolute favorite trees.
It has a gorgeous gray/green foliage that is beautiful just as is.
And we had this tree up for a few weeks enjoying it just as it was twinkling away.
So when the ornaments started coming out, 
 I chose just a couple elements to let that natural beauty shine.


I started out with adding just a few clippings of glittery ribbon.
I love this cutout ribbon because not being a thick ribbon, 
it adds sparkle without being too bold or too much.
A ribbon tip is to cut pieces into about 4-5 lengths and then tuck the ribbon inside the tree
and then back out again. And repeat.
The ribbon tucked inside helps fill in the center of the tree 
and add even more dazzle- and it accents the tree without being too bold.

For the ornaments
I placed just a few white frosted and silver mercury glass ornaments 
here and there to lightly cover the tree.

Then came the fun part.
Fresh eucalyptus, juniper and berries.

I had just been at the flower market earlier that week
and picked up a box of gorgeous juniper clippings
along with always on the list seeded eucalyptus and I bumped into these little dried grapes/berries
that I really wasn't sure what I would use for- 
but that I loved.

The tree was perfect for them.
I tucked pieces of fresh euc in the tree and then layered it with the juniper and berries.

I love the natural feeling that the fresh elements add to the tree 
and this tree reminds me so much of the wine country 
and the abundance of beauty all around.

It sits at the end of the dining table
and has a few pretty little packages underneath that are simple as well.

Just brown paper boxes with gold details
wrapped in blush ribbons.
More on those soon.

For now,
 just enjoying this tree with all that natural beauty.

What do you think of it?

Shop the look:

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. Just curious how many feet of cutout ribbon you used because at $69 for 18 feet that is some pricey ribbon!

  2. Second entry so you may have already seen this.

    How much ribbon did you use because at $69 for 18 feet that is pricey ribbon...even for me who splurges on Christmas decor!

  3. A most beautiful tree! Absolutely LOVE IT!

  4. Love it Courtney. Your trees are always beautiful.

  5. That is so beautiful, Courtney. We have a large Noble fir this year as well and I hit it with a soft spray of snow, but wish I had just left it alone, as you say, it is so beautiful as is and the smell is breathtaking..Happy Holidays..Judy