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Charming Hat Box full of Flowers

I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed with flowers.
Roses, ranunculus, peonies, stock and pretty much
everything in between.

And one of my favorite looks are fresh flowers in a container with a vintage or romantic style.
Like a piece of vintage pottery or a charming tea cup.

Or maybe... a hat box.

I am sure you have seen those fresh flowers delivered in pretty little hatbox style boxes. 
They are absolutely charming and one of my favorite sweet looks.

And while playing the other day, I created my own arrangement in
a sweet little box.

And with so many questions about it from a sneak peek instagram post
I thought  I would share just how easy it is to create this.

Here is what you need:


A hat box.

A jar or vase that fits inside.

Of course, flowers just sitting in a hat box look great just plopped inside-
but of course they do need a supply of fresh water 
and since hat boxes are usually cardboard- that isn't going to work very well.

So you need a container.
And you can use any container - a jar, a vase, etc.
but if you want that great full look that 'fills' the hat box with blooms- try to find something in 
a size close to your hat box width.
Just make sure to not have a vase that is taller than the hat box- otherwise- 
it will look like you put a vase of flowers in a hat box. ;)

Fill the vase 
making sure to cut them to be just above the top of the hat box so that they are 'blooming' at the top
and place the vase inside the hat box.

That is it. 
So easy and so simple and these arrangements are perfect
 marching down the center of a table,
on a side table or nightstand in a bedroom and also for gifting.
Simply create a hat box with someone's favorite flowers
wrap it with a ribbon and voila.
A hat box full of sunshine.

And just a couple of days left to vote for the laundry room makeover!
You can vote once a day here
Thank you!

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Beautiful!! Your flower arrangements are always gorgeous!!

  2. Hello Courtney,

    I hope you are having a wonderful year so far.

    I love love love this idea. I have seen the actual floral companies selling these all ove and they are very costly. Your idea is brilliant and so simple to make.

    It definitely makes a statement. Thank you for the idea. You will see me using this idea soon.



  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une très jolie composition florale... Je trouve très romantique de placer ce bouquet dans une belle boîte à chapeau.

    Gros bisous 🌺

  4. I love your idea with the hat box with the roses. Just to cute!

  5. I can almost smell the gorgeous flowers. That reminds me that I need to pick some up. You're the one who inspired me to keep a bouquet of flowers in the house. It's such a little thing but it makes a big difference. Have a wonderful day! Abbracci!

  6. Hi! Where do you get your hat boxes from?

  7. Hi! Where do you get your hatboxes from?