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3 detail trends that I loved at Las Vegas Market

You know, I am not one to follow trends really.

I don't jump on the bandwagon of everything covered in faux fur
or all the walls finished with pretty shiplap
I love faux fur and shiplap- don't get me wrong.
But if it is everywhere, it isn't for me. 
But last month I went to Las Vegas Market
and noticed several looks, styles or trends if you will
that I was in love with.

#1. Bold and Gold

I walked into Ave Home and their pretty new showroom
and stopped right in front of this vignette that was all about gold.

And that was just the beginning.

Gold has been on trend for awhile now- and I don't think it is going anywhere anytime soon.

From lighting, to painted finishes to simple gilded touches.
The great thing about gold is- you can add it in a big way- or a little way
and make an impact.

A favorite showroom that knocks my socks off every.single.time is Bliss Studio
and they have a way of mixing gold, white, gray and blush that just speaks my language.

I think I usually take about 27 photos in this space alone- just love it.

Gray and white sideboard in room with gold table and mirror

#2. Delicate 
Details, details, details 

There were so many details on display in a big way at market this time.
Details are always there of course- they are what make something interesting 
but the ones that were catching my eye seemed to be popping up again and again.

Like those delicate carvings on reproduction furniture
at Bramble.

Simple carved sofa with linen fabric and details

Or these dainty little slipper chairs at Dovetail.
And side note... 
I am on the hunt for slipper chairs right now-and think these upholstered in simple linen would be perfection.

Small chairs with carved details and ikat fabric

Of course, I can't leave out a detail like this...
this is a simple and charming little chest  at French Heritage that has an amazing
 brass inlay detailing.

Furniture with brass inlay detailing

Seriously- so pretty in person- absolutely loved that detail.

Brass inlay detail on furniture

And one  more for the road- intricately detailed lighting.
These Moroccan lights were a huge hit at market- 
With colors, pretty patterns and so much intricate detailing- they are gorgeous grouped together and
I have a feeling you will be seeing these lights popping up everywhere coming up.

detailed metal lanterns in several colors

#3.  Raw Finish and Texture

The mix of raw and refined was in full focus at market again.
Whether it was unfinished or simply wax finished woods

Vintage display cupboard with baskets and glasses with candles

Lightly stained woods that let the grain shine through

Grouping of chandeliers above natural finished sideboard

Or even raw edges in the finish on linens.

Raw edge blankets and chunky knit

Textures and those natural finishes that made something seem like an heirloom
were everywhere.

linen duvet with ruffles and raw edges  on bed

After I was done running around market 
soaking up all the inspiration and making note of those things that caught my eye
I wandered out to the Pavilions and did a little bit of vintage shopping.
(theres that texture and raw finish detail again) 

vintage architectural salvage carved platforms

And of course, I found a ton that I loved and  brought a few things back home with me.
Coming your way tomorrow morning- I will be sharing one of those vintage treasures
 in a fun tour all about flowers and home with a few friends.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Good morning Courtney, Vegas Market looks fun! In the 3rd photo from the top, you show what looks like a lighted candelabra in gold and loaded with crystals. I'm looking for something just like that. Do you remember which company it was from? Many thanks!

  2. What fun, I love the last picture and all the texture. I'm wondering what company they come fun. Looking forward to tomorrows share. Lynne

    1. I believe those are at Blue Ocean Traders- they are gorgeous!

  3. Everything is beautiful can't wait to see what you brought home. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You must have had so much fun. What a fabulous experience.

  5. So fun Courtney! Those are some of my favorite showrooms too and as much as I like to try new trends, I arrive at the conclusion that all things of French vintage influence i'll always be my main love and speak to my soul. Loving all these pictures! I missed the Vegas market and stayed here and went to the Dallas market so I'm glad you shared these! ☺💕💋

  6. Great photos, i am so love the grey and white dresser and the raw wood. Love the throws and the bedding was wow.

  7. Always love all the pretties to look at in your posts. Can't say I want to follow the gold trend, though. I am a silver, pewter and wrought iron gal, myself. But it's pretty to look at in all the scenarios.

  8. I've been following your beautiful blog for several years. I would be so inspired but mostly grateful that you share this beauty with us! Today I wanted to tell you I truly appreciate you taking the time to put it out there for all of us! Thank you.

  9. I am loving this mix of textures and fabrics on such classic pieces. Loving the fixtures too! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. How do I insert my photo into the icons above?

  10. Courtney, how about those Moroccan lamps? <3 Do you remember who had them displayed or where to go about finding some that large? I found a few small ones but I loved the size of the ones you posted!!

  11. Courtney, how about those Moroccan lamps? <3 Do you remember who had them displayed or where to go about finding some that large? I found a few small ones but I loved the size of the ones you posted!!

  12. Okay, I totally agree, I never jump on any decor bandwagon, however, I've seen some trends that I must just do. BUT those large $35 pedestals are making me cry....I want one so badly. Where are they from???

  13. This all sounds so marvelous, Courtney! I thought I'd shy away from gold, but since I started painting our upper hallway a vision of what I see it developing into definitely includes gold! Can't wait to finish! Thank you for sharing all this lovely inspiration!