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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone.

Friday means that the weekend is here and it is time to relax a bit and maybe stay in your jammies a bit longer tomorrow morning.  And Friday is also a day here on my blog where I share some of the favorite things I am crushing on- and mixing in some of those older posts that I love. 

And today... it is all about vintage bottles. And obsessions. 
And what goes into my cart almost every time I go into HomeGoods.
Can you guess what it is?

Bottles of soap.
Seriously. I have a stockpile of some of them- because... 
there are just so many good things you can do with them.

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Happy Friday favorites everyone.


  1. I so love your bottle collection mine is growing and Im enjoying looking for different bottles to add.

  2. You are my kind of girl!! My daughters have accused me of buying my groceries according to what the can, jar, or bottle looks like. I can see the future in that container, and it's much brighter than the land-field.

  3. It's all your fault. 😊💕 I just HAD to stop by HomeGoods on my way home yesterday and pick up a couple of those sweet bottles of hand soap. I've bought them in the past but only for gifts. This time two came home for me. Thanks for the inspiration, Courtney!