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Patina, character and a charming vintage treasure

Sometimes you find something that makes your heart skip a beat.
And that you instantly have a vision for where and what you will do with it.

And if it means walking 2 miles in the pouring rain to snag it- you do it.
Because you are on a mission.... and that treasure is calling to you.

When we wrapped up the tour at High Point Market,
there were several of us on a mission to go shopping at some of the vintage markets that are intermixed with the furniture showrooms.

But it was pouring rain and wind and basically- a crazy amount of stormy weather.
 And there were no cars available to give us a ride- because it was storming
 and everyone needed a ride.
But we were on a vintage mission and decided that the 2 or so miles
to get to the vintage market showroom was a go with our coats on.
(okay it might have been less than a full 2 miles... but in the rain it FELT like 5 miles)
But before starting our trek- I had to change out of my pretty shoes and into my flip flops.

I learned several markets ago that I have ruined my feet enough that I cannot 
walk the average of 10 miles a day I do at Market in heels for more than 2 days.
More than one day really if I was to be honest but I can usually manage by ignoring those achy feet a bit longer... 
but after day two in a different pair of pretty shoes... 
well, then I am changing to flip flops or tennies in between each showroom.
No joke. And I have no shame.

So we walked in the rain on a mission to to get to those vintage shops
and see if we could find a treasure.
It was their first time shopping- but I have a confession.
I had already brought several things back with me the day before.
And I knew what was on my list for this stop.

It was wood. It was crusty.
It had great patina and great character.
And I knew exactly what I would do with it.
Any idea what it was?

A wood bucket / container / I don't know exactly what it is but I loved it

And any ideas what I planned to do with it?

Put flowers inside of it. 
Not sure why I thought that... 
I am SO not obsessed with flowers or anything...

Seriously though... this is such a charming patina covered little piece
and I absolutely loved it. 
I lucked out and found just this one last large one that was available at the store 
and grabbed it to bring home with me. 

But I don't know exactly what it is even now...
other than a great vessel for flowers.

Anyone have any ideas?

I am thinking it must have had a top at some point... the bottom that looks like a hat box lid
is actually attached.

I am loving it and it was definitely worth walking
in that crazy weather to get it. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Happy Monday.


  1. Is it a cheese box? I have a similar but much bigger, about 24" across that is a cheese box

    1. Several people have suggested that it might be so you might be correct! :)

  2. Ha! I've forged ahead in wind and rain many a time! Weather can't keep a good shopper down! Love your container. Wishing I had a huge bouquet of peonies. They are $6-$8 a stem here, so I've resisted.

    1. Right?! So true!! And we definitely do luck out on peonies here- they are much less expensive.

  3. I'd say it's a butter firkin. As you suspected, it's missing its top.

  4. Wow! That is pretty sweet! I would have walked the distance in the rain myself.

  5. I think it use to hold tobacco. My dad had something similar.
    I LOL when I read you walked 2 miles in the wind & rain. So glad it was worth it.
    Have a great day
    Much love,

  6. I have no idea what it is, but it has great details! Okay, just getting from one casino to the next in Las Vegas is a pretty good walk. I can't imagine doing 2 miles in flip flops - and in the rain! I have to say though, if there was a piece I really wanted, I'd have done the same:)

    1. Haha!! Vegas is like an illusion! It doesn't look that far but it takes soooo long to go from one end of the strip to the other! :)

  7. What a great, unique piece! Worth wistanding the inclement weather. But I'm pretty sure I would have struck out my thumb to hitch a ride, despite it being a dangerous way to get there. A girl's gotta do what she's gotta do. Just sayin'.

    1. We were hoping to catch the shuttle to go there- but they were backlogged with all the weather so the wait was too long. So... we walked! :)

  8. Love your container, I would have done the same walk in the rain.

  9. It's gorgeous! I would've walked 2 miles for it, too. May not be, but it reminds me of a Shaker box.

  10. Hi Courtney! It might be a type of grain measure. Not sure since my eyes were dilated today and I had to really blow up my phone screen to even read your post. It looks wonderful ~ what I can see! 😊 I have a really large I've had for thirty years and it has variously held dried flowers, yarn, fabric, magazines. They are sooo multi-functional!

    Anyway, enjoy yours!
    Barb 🤗

  11. No matter what it may be, it's wonderful and it makes you happy!! Worth the walk. It seems like it has been raining the past few Spring Markets.

  12. Lindas! Uma feliz segunda-feira para você, também!

  13. Such a great piece! Not sure what it is either, but it reminded me of a furkin. I have been lucky enough to find one furkin that I could afford and it has a wooden lid. I leave the lid off though because I put flowers in it, too! I am glad you were able to get what you went back for!