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Weekend View

Did you  know I had big plans to sleep in this morning? 
I did.
 And I slept in until around 5:30 which isn't too early. 
But isn't really sleeping in either.

But one of my favorite things about spring and summer mornings- is that the birds start singing before the sun is even shining through the windows and it is a 
very quiet and inspired way to start to the day.

Welcome to the weekend view... 
this and that sprinkled with a bit of everything random.

Like plumbing, goofballs, and fountains. 

The latest project

Involving plumbing.
 And pipes that didn't fit together. 
And more pipes to retrofit those original pipes and also work with those new pipes. 
 And the wrong sinks. 
And shipping delays.
 And a project deadline that came and went a week ago.
 Oh... and did I mention plumbing issues?

Can I just say, plumbing is NOT a job that is high on my list? 
I seriously think that almost every time we have had a head scratching, frustrating, colorful language filled job on this house- it has involved some type of plumbing. 
Old pipes and new pipes don't like to play well together all the time and honestly, I will say it again- when you are working on a project and working around existing no matter what it is- 
it tends to create a whole lot more work.
But it is now looking great issues and all.

Chippy Fountain Love

I cleaned the fountain last week from top to bottom. 
A couple of times a year we empty out the fountain and give it a good cleaning and fresh water. Otherwise, they can get kind of gross. 
Especially when you aren't running them constantly. 

This fountain is at a chippy good point...
 some might consider painting it- but I am loving it as is. 

Mama's Day

Today is also that breakfast in bed, don't do any housework Mama's day off kind of day.
 And so the random weekend view of course includes celebrating momma's everywhere. 
And these babies? 
I am so thankful for.

I know I shared a few stories about Mother's Day and my mom and grandmother already this year so I won't get all sappy sharing thoughts again- but I definitely want shout out and thank and celebrate my mom and grandmothers and those amazing women who are like moms in my world. 
And I also want to celebrate those kids who gave me the best, hardest, most rewarding and most amazing job in the world. 

Being a mom is seriously the most amazing job in the world.  
And being mom to these goofballs who are always joking and playing?
Well that is a lot of fun too. :) 
And the first time I became a mother- my entire world changed. And overnight- it became the best job I would ever be blessed to be doing and I didn't even fully comprehend how much yet.
And now, I look at those little babies who are all young adults and know that I must have done something right somewhere along the way- because they are each so incredible.

(love my boys girlfriends like my own too.) 
They are kind and generous, good and just simply amazing people. I know moms brag on their kids  but these guys... I admire each of them so much and am so proud of who they have become.

Fun fact about each one:
My oldest was almost 2 weeks late and had to be 'evicted' aka induced when he was born. 
He has always had a bit of a sassy attitude... kind of like me... but looks more like his dad. 
He moved out a few years ago and text me every night for several years to say I love you and goodnight.
My middle guy was born on his due date- and has been consistent with minding time.
He was more quiet than sassy when he was little and has always been my sweet little boy with chubby cheeks and now, he is as hilarious to work with around the house as he is skilled.
My daughter was born a few days early- and I only gained 22 lbs with her.
I always say because she is a girl and thought about stretch marks and things like that. ;) 
The boys called her 'Rosie' when she was a baby because they thought she looked like a beautiful flower. She has always been insightful and kind and has become a close friend as she has gotten older.
And it is incredibly hard to believe that these babies are now 24, 21 and 18.
Really now sure how that zoomed by so quickly.

You can find more about this fun photo shoot here.

Coming your way- 
A brand new old treasure arrived last week... 
and I am sharing all the details on it.
That Styled for Print wrap up (finally!) is coming up
 along with some ideas for planting whiskey barrels in the garden. 
And on the entertaining front...
 a love of summer entertaining table setting all about blush and gold.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandmas, aunts, friends, mother figures 
and everyone else out there celebrating today.

See you tomorrow for a fun find.


  1. Beautiful home, beautiful family
    Love the sink and faucet


  2. Beautiful family.
    Happy Mothers Day

  3. Oh my...don't let me get started on plumbing...but must say that your sneak peek looks amazing...I am certain you had a most wonderful Mother's Day with your loves!

  4. Beautiful group, Job well done MOM. Hope you had a awesome Mothers Day!!!