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Weekend View~ travel edition

Happy Sunday everyone.

It is a working & playing kind of weekend over here.
 I have a few behind the scenes photo shoots going on - and I will be over on Treasure Island tomorrow for a video shoot with my Balsam Hill family. 
Yes, we are working on Christmas already... 
and yes, I love it. 
But today, it is all random all the time- and all about Moss Mountain Farm.

This week has been a busy one with travel to a state I had never been to before- gardening know-tips and a whole lot of laughter with blog friends. So this week- is kind of a mini-version of my Moss Mountain Farm post that is coming your way.


I traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday evening for a special event at an incredible farm just outside the city.  I was in love with how green and lush Arkansas was - so pretty. And we stayed in a historic hotel downtown that was quite the charmer.

Moss Mountain Farm

Knocked. My. Socks. Off. Quite literally. As someone who falls hard for architecture and charm,  the old/new yellow brick house with the charming little buildings ...

and that amazing 300 year old oak tree- took my breath away.

Basically, I am a California girl through and through- but charming southern style speaks to me.

Flower Crowns  & friends

New friends and old friends- the event was filled with both. I so enjoyed meeting P. Allen  Smith and learning all about his passions and why Moss Mountain Farm is so special to him. And he is incredibly kind and inspiring.

I also enjoyed spending some time with Rhoda (Southern Hospitality) and Kelly (My Soulful Home) 

We might have wanted to hide out on the sleeping porch and stay a bit... it was that charming.

From Farm to Table

One of the delight for all my senses things was the abundance of blooms. In the garden- and on the table.

I will share a closer look at the exquisite table stylings that U Bloom put together in another post.

Back Home 

It was a whirlwind busy couple of days but I am back home and back to work on various projects. From adding more outdoor ambiance to painting the front door and of course, playing with flowers.

And I will have much more about each of those things coming up.
This week- it is all about favorites.

From a table styling with peonies & a delicious dessert
to a peek at the bathroom vanity
and a tour of the gardens and home at Moss Mountain Farm.

I also have a few summer entertaining tips coming your way
and more about how to create the perfect floral bouquets for the occasion.

Hope everyone has a relaxing rest of the weekend.
Tune in to my instagram stories tomorrow to see more from behind the scenes with Balsam Hill.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. The live oak! Beautiful! How fun and informative to meet P Allen Smith ( I loved his garden show on tv ) and blog friends, especially at Moss Mountain Farm. Have a wonderful Memorial Day! Kathleen in Az

  2. OMG that oak tree! It would be even better if it had truffles growing among its roots. But why not plant them all over the place? Such grandeur! Such shade!

  3. You are so lovely and have inspired me so much. We are empty nester Grandparents and have the prettiest glass chandelier in our new/old down sized home. Our carpenter is adding wood paneling to the kitchen breakfast room and nursery. So very grateful to have found you, and haven't hired a decorator you have helped me decorate our charming cottage. God Bless You and Your Family. Carmen

  4. Love , love the tree,the house is sweet. The last photo is so pretty with all the pink. Looking forward to hearing more about tips working with Christmas projects.The photo of you and Kelly, Rhonda looks great!!!

  5. Looking forward to more about Moss Mountain.
    You are a busy lady. Great photos as always.

  6. What a beautiful time you had it looks to be, everything is just so beautiful .
    Those grounds and the home wow!

    Always enjoy all you inspire.

  7. I am going to have to look up to see if P. Allen Smith has a book on his breathtaking Moss Mountain Farm...You three are the cutest!