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3 tips on how to style a simple summer table

Every year when summer arrives
with it's hot sunshine filled days and warm summer nights out under the stars...
I start thinking about two things.

Summer get togethers with family and friends 

And escaping to the beach for a little relief from the heat.
Or in the case of this week in Northern California where we had record temperatures
that were waay too hot... 
channeling my inner child and running through the sprinklers sounds like a fabulous idea.

All kidding aside, summer is the perfect time for hosting a block party
or a fun evening get together with friends
and even for a girls night with lots of pretty blooms and dainty place settings.

If you are coming over from Decor Gold and all that amazing gorgeousness

We are currently in wedding planning mode over here for my baby brother 
who is getting married in September... 
and I have been thinking about ideas for his wedding to share with his bride to be.

And weddings make me think about girly romantic elegant settings. 
And garden parties and lots of ambiance.
And one of my favorite looks for a table in the garden
 are the ones that look like the table setting was gathered and it just so happened the way it did-
rather than being delicately and meticulously planned out.

So that meant for this table-
 that delightful dance of vintage and new was on the agenda.

#1. Mix and Match 

Ones with loads of flowers on the table

Pretty little delicate details like vintage china and glassware that looks speaks in the softest shade of aqua and barely blushing linen napkins.

And side note: these plates? 

An eclectic mix of various eras and designs and just 
$1.00 each at the thrift store.

#2. Figs & Honey & Cheese- oh my

For nibbles- think light and simple.
Fresh figs drizzled with a little honey 
bread lightly oiled for dipping in hummus 
and cheese and crackers- because- hello yum.

I also love serving something light and fruity for summer-
such as a sangria or ros'e 
though personally, I am a red wine kind of girl (Italian husband) 
so you will find that on the wine menu as well.

#3. Wild Flowers & Twinkle Lights

Don't forget the all important ambiance.
I chose to set this table up in a spot that is near an area that is pretty much completely 
covered in wild flowers right now and is absolutely enchanting.

It is actually a favorite little grassy area on our property that I haven't shared much about before
but that is a spot that feels very protected and enchanting all by itself.

I strung a few twinkle lights above the table in this area
and no worries on not having a fence or anything like to string them to.
A tip is to simply dig a small hole and use a tall galvanized pole 
or even a long straight (sturdy) 
and attach them to that.

Up next on the tour- Life On Virginia Street where you can be sure to find amazing inspiration and
don't forget to stop by and say hello to all the friends I am joining today

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  1. What an enchanting space for dining al fresco. Simply beautiful!

  2. Courtney, this is so charming! Who wouldn't want to join you here for a summer meal? I'm excited to be on the Styled + Set Tour with you...thank you, you always inspire! xo Lidy

  3. I so love all of your photos and such good tips for getting together....Trader Joes has peony's yay!!! I bought some and they are just so pretty.

  4. Courtney, this is perfection as always! I love the organic, just gathered feeling of the table and those aqua glasses are positively tipping me over - they are SUPERB! I can see the bridal inspiration through every single romantic element. It is pure beauty and joy! Thank you for sharing this lovely retreat with us today, it does my heart good!!


    Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life

  5. So, so gorgeous, Courtney. I'm in love with those aqua glasses!
    Hugs, Jamie

  6. Enchanting is right! Oh Courtney - just so very beautiful and wonderful tips !

  7. This table is so beautiful Courtney. I love the florals and those plates - what a bargain! I think I need to go thrifting more often:)

    You are such a woman after my own heart - your menu is perfect to me! I could have wine and cheese for dinner EVERY night (if my husband would let me!)