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Random Weekend

It's the weekend which means it is all random all the time.

This weekend it is all about birthdays and family and breakfast with a sweet friend.

And those clouds were dazzling me on my run this morning.

Birthday Girl

The birthday girl is 19 this weekend. and I am seriously wondering how in the world that happened.
She is such a sweet girl who is also one of my closest friends and I am so proud to be her mom.


We had a fun day with family yesterday and it involved carrot cake. Which is always a good idea. Well, unless you are on a diet- then maybe not... but hey, you have to enjoy a few bites here and there at least. And Sweet Pea was completely exhausted after my sisters new puppies left- but that is always the sign of a good get together, right? 


I am photographing a few wildflowers this weekend because they have literally taken over a section of our yard. When  my husband decided to cover a random hill with wildflower seeds- he might have gone a bit overboard... but they really are so incredibly beautiful and they just keep on a blooming away.

Breakfast with Sandy

I had breakfast with a sweet friend of mine this morning. I have known Sandy for 10 years and it has been waaay too long since we sat and chatted. We sat down in the restaurant and told them we would need the booth for the day.. and then laughed and hugged and cried and it was like no time had passed at all. She is seriously a gem and I am so lucky to have her friendship and her in my life.

It is a short and sweet version this weekend
but see you in a few hours for sharing a secret and big news.

Happy random weekend.


  1. Your photos are always beautiful, but those clouds really take my breath away.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful! 19 and exciting years ahead of her:). Always nice to visit with a good friend and catch up with life. Happy your adorable Sweet Pea had playmates, while your sister came to visit too:). Wildflowers can spread, but they are so pretty.
    What a wonderful weekend you had, Kathleen in Az

  3. Thank you for this great post. The pictures are so nice.