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3 reasons why I am obsessed with these sea glass blue bottles

The other day I walked into HomeGoods 
with the intent of finding a few little things for the living room...

flowers on counter in kitchen

and left with a cart full of pillows, flatware, wine glasses, artwork and some aqua blue pretties.

No, I was not looking for them.
They were not even on my radar of things I was thinking of. 
But when I saw them as I walked past the kitchen department...
 I paused.
 And stared. 

marble kitchen and blue glass vase of flowers

And moved in for a closer look.
Argued with myself that I did not need more blue bottles or jars
and made a semi half decent attempt to walk away... 
and then stopped and turned around and grabbed them and looked at the price
then put them in my cart.

I mean... come on- they are soo pretty. 
And even better? 
 I had 3 reasons why they needed to come home with me.

#1. They were that amazing shade of aqua sea blue that you don't always find.

bench with glass bottle and flowers

#2. They are perfect for flowers or just by themselves on a shelf or counter.

#3. They were an amazing price.

Priced at $5 for the small one and $8 for the large one- you know they were in the cart in a split second.

So, the obsession continues. 
And they joined the pillows, artwork, bath mats, candles and everything else 
and came home with me.
But.... these were like those other bottles I have a dozen of that started it all

hydrangeas in blue glass bottles

Busy weekend full of painting ahead. 
And how is it already August?
Summer feels like it is zooming by extra fast this year.

Hope you have a great weekend- 
happy Friday everyone.


  1. Love the jars , and the flowers are so pretty.

  2. I wish we had a Homegoods close to us -- but that is soon to change. We will be moving and we will have a huge Homegoods near by. And when you move you NEED things for the new house, right? Can't wait and I'm keeping your advice on the white paint. Our woodwork now is in the Decorator White which I love. Happy Sunday!

  3. Summer has flown by so very quickly! After reading your post, I think I need to dash over to HomeGoods.😍😍

  4. Your glass bottles will be a lot of fun to work with, so many options. You never know what you'll find at Home Good, the thrill of the hunt. I try to make it in every week or two.