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Random Weekend

Larkspur, crisp white linens and lots of photography and painting... 
it has been a busy week over here.

And next week, is looking even busier.
But today, it is all about the weekend view and what I have been working on.

Painted lady

Last week, I was covered in paint. From head to toe. 
I had drips in my hair. On my sunglasses and shirt and a face that were freckled with Simply White.

Such is the way it is when you are painting a ceiling.  And we are wrapped up and I can't tell you how amazingly bright and crisp the walls and ceiling are now. And I have a confession...

White? Or Dingy?

That ceiling? It is beaded board and wood framing and I had 3 gallons of Simply White ready to go...and I happily started painting away and then noticed something...

What I thought was white was not so white next to the WHITE. 
As in- that ceiling was looking more like a shade of dingy than a shade of white. I don't remember the color we used when we painted last time- I believe it was just off the shelf white- but compared to Simply White? 
That paint was Simply Dingy. 

Larkspur & linens

What could be prettier than crisp white linens with soft details and a few clippings of fresh larkspur?
I worked on some product photography yesterday that involved those beauties. 

And of course I snapped a few extra photos to share with you here- so that is coming your way. 
I think you will absolutely love.these.linens. So soft and so good!

A Whole House Renovation

I mentioned last week that I am working on a whole house renovation. 
 I will share the first peek at the chippy paint, charming details and spaces with you this week
- so stay tuned.

Washing Machine Woes

This week has been a week of plumbing issues and renovation snags. In between broken pipes, uncovering a hornets nest (and a sting on the forehead) and shipping delays.... our washing machine stopped working. 
I drained it. 
Took everything apart trying to find the issue- put it back together. 
Tried it again. Drained it again. And repeat. repeat.repeat.  UGH.
then the public laundry mat became my friend 

Our LG machines have honestly been the best out of any we have bought before- 
and they have lasted for about 10 years where the previous 2 brands were done after 3 years
(basically, after the warranty period when a repair costs as much as a new machine) 
So we are looking for a new one. 
And we are thinking of getting an LG that is a combo washer & dryer and is ventless... 
does anyone have any experience with any machines like that? 
Would appreciate your feedback if you do. 

Coming your way:
That whole house renovation I mentioned
A peek at some of the projects we have been doing 
and they have been a bit of a doozy lately...
and something fun
And before you know it, we will be into autumn decorating and ideas. 
Which is INSANE to me. 
But I am always a little seasonally confused... so bring on the pumpkins (and Christmas trees)
even though it is in the 90's again this week.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Good morning,
    I do have a suggestion regarding a washer and dryer. We had a washer and dryer for over 15 years, and one day the washer quit spinning. We bought three washers before our son recommended Speed Queen. They are expensive, but they are fabulous and very quiet. Hope you find a washer soon. It is just a pain to be without one when you are a busy working women.

  2. Hi, I never heard of a washer and dryer combination machine... maybe I'm misunderstanding the sentence; it's one machine or are you referring to a stackable washer and dryer? Thanks

    1. It is indeed all one machine. Washes and then dries your clothes all in the same load. :)

  3. we've been through too many washers and dryers over the past 29 years. I've had no luck with the combo units, they've all died right after the expensive extended coverage expired. we now have a Huebsch Commercial, available at several consumer appliance stores. it's dependable and durable and has never given us grief. top load and super for delicates up to heavy duty large loads with a double rinse option.

  4. I'm a little confused about this post painting your ceiling white. Are you saying Simply White turned out too dinghy? I know you did a previous post on choosing the white right and you chose Simply White. Did you continue painting the ceiling Simply White or choose another color and if so what?

    1. Hi!! I hadn't painted the bedroom ceiling Simply White yet- it was a shade of white that was the dark looking one you can see in the cracks. That was an off the shelf white paint that I don't remember the brand of. The living room walls and ceiling are Simply White- and I do love it. So in the bedroom now- walls and ceiling are both Simply White. Hope that helps! :)

  5. Buy Speed Queen.Expensive but reliable. And I just read an article from Consumer Reports on them. Highly recommended...

  6. Do you know what the difference is between Simply White and Decorator White? I love our trim paint and I can't remember what it is. It's one of the two. Can't wait to see how everything looks.

  7. Very much looking forward to your whole house reno. And your painting issue...hmmm...ain't that the truth about whites out of the can! If you don't make your own paint sample, it's so hard to match them. But then again, Simply White is SO lovely; it's a nice thing to realize the ceiling will be freshly white white :-)

    And all this talk of white paint makes me want to paint our light(maybe even a medium gray? painted by previous owners) living room. It would be so wonderful to truly have an all white room....and then someday the carpet gets changed out to some hard surface flooring (something that looks like wood if not the real thing), and then.....and then...and then....Well you get the picture. ;-)

  8. Hi Courtney! After 11 years, our LG washer stopped working too! And now we are waiting for our Speed Queen. I was ticked off at LG because they stop making replacement parts as soon as a couple of years after production...the worst I heard was a 2 year old fridge and a 2 year old washer that they couldn't get a part for. I had been so happy with my washer without a single problem all those years (the appliance repair guy said that they're usually good for 6-8) but then I started hearing about the non existent parts and...the Speed Queen is back ordered and I will be heading to my mother in laws for a marathon wash session and lots of card games today...good luck!

  9. You took your washing machine apart? Wow Courtney, anything you can't do :)

  10. Several years ago we owned a condo in a 100 year old renovated factory building that required a ventless W/D system. We decided on a separate stackable unit however a number of our neighbors went with the combo option. Within a year or so most people were replacing their combos with separate units. Complaints ranged from lengthly laundry cycles (especially when handling bulky or heavy items such as towels), mechanical issues that required expensive repairs and the inability to easily stop a laundry cycle if you wanted to line dry items. Hope this helps and good luck! Looking forward to seeing all your completed projects...