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Weekend View

It has been a week full of travel, inspiration and lots of all things HOME.

And lots of hot hot hot weather.
Did I mention that?

It was 112 in Las Vegas.
That is hot folks.
Like super hot.
And we came home to 100 degree weather here in California too.
No rest for the heat weary last week.

Las Vegas Market

After loading that chippy treasure up- it was time for Vegas Market. I shared a bit about what I found at market that caught my eye on Wednesday- and there is much more coming your way.  

I also had a great time speaking on a panel with The Vintage Round Top, Totally Tikka and Round Being the token outsider on the panel (they are all from Texas) I brought the 'You Guys' to their 'Ya'll' and had so much  fun. They are all the kindest, most genuine folks and it was wonderful to meet them.

Red Rock Canyon

While in Vegas, I did a little running around. My oldest son lives there and I loved being able to visit him in the evening and go to dinner.  

He also took me by a favorite place of his- Red Rock Canyon- where he climbs the mountains and goes for hikes all the time.  
While he watched for cacti that grabs onto your leg as you walk by (what?!) 
I kept an eye out for slithery desert creatures...

Work, work, work

Back home, and back to work. 
This week has been tiling week. I feel like I just tiled.
 And I did. 
But it wasn't done yet. 

And actually, we made a few changes with wiring that created a bit of a change behind the tile
 which = more work. 
Sometimes I feel like we are renovating this house all over again like
 we were when we first moved in.

The Book

It is hard to believe that I have been working on the photography for my book for several months already.  And outdoors... basically it is a wrap! 
I will have some seasonal photos to shoot in October but I am excited to be moving indoors
 for the next bit of photography. 

I have to say, creating and styling for the blog while keeping the styling for the book quiet... not the easiest thing for someone like me who is used to sharing a sneak peek in the moment all the time. 
But I am getting better at it. :) 

Sunday Quotes

And in keeping with Sunday quotes this weekend... 
I saw this on Pinterest recently and loved it.

via pinterest

What I love about this artwork is it shows that we are all
 birds of a feather who flock together-
and at the same time- individually- we are all unique.  
So go for whatever that big dream is for you!
Follow your heart, chase your dreams and find your path
and be authentic. Be You!

Coming your way

I played with cake layers, flowers and pretty little blackberries yesterday- and will be sharing the EASIEST way to create a delicious and charming cake for summer parties- along with a summer bouquet that literally takes 5 minutes to put together. 

Coming your way...  working on rounding up some summer mantel ideas from the past while sharing a couple new ones for this year. Would you believe I have not decorated any of the mantels for summer? I didn't even do a summer home tour this year. And it is August already.

And... step by step to creating the perfect California cheese board for your next get together. Seriously, if you have been to the wine country and stopped for a bite at one of the wineries- you know how amazing a simple little cheese platter can be.

All coming your way soon- have a beautiful Sunday everyone.


  1. I love your photography! Can't wait to see more.

    And yes...CA weather ...might as well be the desert everywhere this summer. We are in the SF South Bay and it has been 90s-100s. Crazy!

  2. Love your style so much. Thank you for sharing all of the exciting and beautiful things that you make happen and also the hard working path that gets you there. I am wondering if you could you please tell me the name of the rose that you have featured in the bottle vases of "Weekend View"? I think it is gorgeous. I have been wanting to buy some roses with that coloring...i.e., white with greenish and pink. There is also an Ecuadorian?? rose..not sure of the name, that has more of a regular petal formation that is pale green on the outside petals with white and pink on the others. It is also so beautiful. If you happen to know the name of the the roses that I am trying to describe I would love to know the name/s. Thanks again for having such good taste and sharing with us. You are very much appreciated.

  3. Oh, Courtney! I didn't realize you were working on a book! I can't wait to read it and hold those amazing photos of yours in my own little hands...