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Random Weekend

It's that random weekend time again.

This and that and the other thing- all wrapped up into one rambling  post. 
And today - it is about renovation diaries, autumn... 
and yes, twinkling Christmas lights.

Renovation Diaries

The renovations... aye aye aye... you know, it seems like just when one thing gets almost wrapped up- another project starts. When it comes to the word  'book' and your home being in it- that is a pretty good motivator to make sure all those projects big and small get wrapped up asap.

Which is a good thing. And this week, I will be sharing a first look at something that I ordered months and months ago and that finally arrived... all the way from France.

Autumn in the air

Autumn in the air?
We definitely don't have autumn in the air here yet... it has been record setting 100+ temperatures this week- and it has been unseasonably hot for several weeks.
As rainy as winter was this year- this is the hottest summer I remember -
even from when I was growing up.
I think it was 114 in the SF bay area yesterday.
That is insanity.

So, while I am thinking hot cocoa and campfires with tartan throws for autumn stylings... I am sipping ice cold water and seriously pondering running through the sprinklers.

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Yes, you know it was going to happen. 

I am an early holiday decorator over her- and to be honest, it is September folks.
I have usually already set up a couple of trees and photographed them by now.
But this year, with other photography taking a front seat-
 I am a bit behind. As in- starting on September 2nd haha. 

But I have a print deadline with Romantic Homes and so... out came the living room tree.
And you know... I have half a mind to just leave it up.
Those twinkling lights are soo pretty when you walk out into the room and I am loving it. 
But since I haven't decorated for autumn yet in here... the tree will be going back to storage...
well,  for at least a couple of weeks. 

And just in case you are wondering- those ornaments are from Balsam Hill 
and if you missed it

I shared a quick trip around the world 
with Balsam Hill on Monday

Coming your way

Coming your way- a closer look at that French bebe, a sneak peek at one of the renovations and since it is September, it is all about early autumn and late summer stylings.

And on Tuesday, I am sharing my go to quick and easy and healthy dinner that I mentioned on FB a few weeks back that everyone asked for the recipe for-
and a quick tour of the cottage kitchen wearing just a tiny sprinkling of autumn.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day everyone.


  1. Replies
    1. I think you probably do!!! I am SO in LOVE. So much prettier than I even imagined! :)

  2. It is hard to think of fall decorating (and more so Christmas!) when the temps, the air all feel more like summer still. While shopping today I was overwhelmed (but not in a good way, sorry to say) seeing all the fall decor out when I'm wishing summer to stay on longer. Well what can I say, here in the Upper Midwest winter is quite often 6 long, cold months and summer a very short time. ;-)

    I do have to admit that seeing early Christmas decor makes me do some much needed planning-ahead though bring it on! :-)

  3. I'm an early decorator too :) I will be pulling my trees out shortly as well!

  4. Can you please advise me as to where I can purchase the fireplace surround that is in the Autumn is a second spring... photo. I am so in love with it and I have searched everywhrere. Thank you so very much

  5. Where can I purchase the fireplace surround in the "Autumn is a second spring. Photo. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

  6. Still have not received a response to my inquiry regarding the fireplace surround in the "Autumn is a second spring photo.... in the Autumn in the Air article...patiently waiting.. Thank u.