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So Close to Amazing

Have you ever been so close...

and yet so far...
 from amazing?

Like that time you were going to be McDonalds French Fries for Halloween for the costume contest.
And your mom made this costume out of a box and painted it red with a big yellow M on it
and it was amazing. 
And you got up on stage with all the other kids and you all started walking in a circle 
so that everyone could see your costume and vote.
The box was a bit small and those foam 'fries' were bouncing all around your head 
but you didn't care because everyone LOVED your costume. 
You just KNEW it was the winner.
But then it happened. 
You slipped and bent down just a bit and the box dropped 
and your knee got stuck inside the small leg hole
and you couldn't stand back up.
You were McDonalds french fries spilled on the ground. 
On the stage in front of the entire school.
But... you were close to winning.

Like that time that you were with that cute guy you were crazy in love with. 
You had the cutest top and shorts on and that new pair of pretty sandals with just a bit of heel to them 
and you just knew you looked so cute
that for sure that guy was going to ask you to 'go' with him.
You were already putting your first name with his last name and making plans for the wedding and how many kids you would have 
while you strolled with him and listened to every word he was saying...
and your ankle gave out and as you rolled and landed right on your behind with a thud 
in front of everyone...
that love of your life boy?
 He didn't even notice and kept walking and talking to himself.
And the wedding was off.

I know there have been a lot of times in my life when I was right. there. SO CLOSE. to that amazingness. I mean, it happens to everyone.
 But the best thing about this new book from KariAnne is that she shows you how it is okay to be so close to amazing-
 and that you are amazing even so.

If you read Thistlewood Farms you already know  KariAnne.
And in between her stories and decorating and fun diy projects- she shares a glimpse of her heart. And this book is chock full of just the same.
Stories that make you laugh and cry.
Reflections and ideas.
DIY projects and her faith.

So Close to Amazing isn't that close to amazing really..
It IS amazing.

I am celebrating KariAnne and her fabulous new book and I know you will love it and her as much as I do. You can read more about her book and her blog here  and don't forget to order your own copy of  So Close to Amazing right here.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Her blog is adorable. She does some nifty DIYs.

  2. Such a cute post, and I think we all can relate. I love the "go with" phrase. I can remember telling my grandmother "(fill in the blank) as me to go with him!" And she'd respond: "Where are you going?"

    I want to read KariAnne's book. I bet it's as cute as she is!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. I already have the book and it isn't Close to Amazing. It IS amazing. She is just the sweetest person and you know that she already is your BFF. That's who she is.

  4. I have been following KariAnne for years. She's helped me in the past and we've become friends. She has the marvelous knack for making you feel as if you've been best friends for years - she is just as lovely and just as joyful as her laugh! We are blessed to have KariAnnes in our lives!
    Beautiful share!

  5. I think we can all relate to this. I can't wait to read the book. Thanks for sharing!