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A dainty empire chandelier obsession


Sometimes you just need a little bling.
Or maybe a little more bling.

The other day I was doing a little browsing for a small diminutive on size
but big on impact empire chandelier.
And I found this one and that one and the one in between.
But none were just right.

They were too big. Too small. Too gold or too silver.
And then there were the ones that were gorgeous but too expensive.
Did I mention that I am picky?
Yeah... I might be.
But honestly, the search for the right piece can be a bit of a bear.
And I am the first to admit that too many amazing choices might overwhelm me.
And then you know what happens when you are overwhelmed with choices?
You almost can't make the right choice for anything. 
And that might lead to a desperate throw the dart decision just to end the misery.
So... let's just say if you are choosy and you can't find the right one- 
leave well enough alone and wait.
Or feel the fear and do it anyway.
This chandelier though?
No fear. I mean- how can you really go wrong with an Empire style chandelier?

And this one?
Just the right size. The right amount of bling.
The right width and light count
an amazing price.

So, I ordered it. And spent about 45 minutes assembling 
and then adding each and every one of those crystals.
And... sigh. 
It was kind of perfect in several ways.
Though truth be told- this is just looped over a beam in the living room.
It is moving this week.
Stay tuned for that shortly-
and if you are looking for one just like this- 
And- it is on sale. Which means, I may have to order another. 

I am off on another busy day at High Point Market-
and excited about what we have toured and seen so far- 
and I have already redecorated and ordered a few new things
and just might be bringing back a few goodies.
See my IG stories- and my Facebook page for snapshots from each day.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I love it! We have a big one like that in one apartment and a smaller one in the other. In French, the shape is referred to as "montgolfière," which is a hot-air balloon (so called after the brothers who invented it).

  2. I love it and "staying tuned" to see where it lands!! I have always wanted to do a grouping of 3 chandys at different levels..this looks like the perfect size for that!

  3. Such pretty eye candy. It looks so pretty.

  4. Courtney I think that having an obsession for something beautiful is a great thing. Sometimes the hunt is fun and sometimes it is frustrating. I totally get the choice part, yesterday I was looking for plaid pillows for my French sofa and it took me almost and hour before I could make a decision and then there are times when I see just what I want buy it and head for home. Love your choice.
    xoxo Jo

  5. I just bought this exact one in a bit larger size. I am a bit concerned with the finish. Do you think it would work with chandeliers that have sort of that rusted shed finish? They are not in the same room but can be seen in one sight line.