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Friday Favorites~ Halloween Decorating ideas

It is almost that time... 
that all things Halloween time.

We aren't doing too much this year for Halloween
and I don't usually do too much decorating for it. 
Honestly most of the time, I already have Christmas up. 
But I do like to have a little bit of fun playing with spooky elegant decor sometimes. 

Today it is all about a few favorites if you are putting some decorations together this weekend.
I shared a spooky elegant mantel a few weeks ago.

But  one of my favorites for Halloween was that simple charming mantel styling with 
 little 'haunted houses',  twiggy trees and a tale about Blue Ribbon Costumes which included me dressed up as a flower farmer... ;)

Happy Friday favorites everyone.


  1. Your haunted feast is magnificent! xoxo Su

  2. I love this post on Halloween decor. As always, it is classy and beautiful, as is everything you do! I have followed your blog for many years and always look forward to your posts. I was born and raised in France but have lived most of my life in the US. Your style really pulls at my heart. Oh and I bought Ikea Ektorp sofa/armchairs because of one of your posts on those a long time ago! Keep up the good work!