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Weekend View

Ahh the weekend.

It brings a bit of sleeping in and an extra cup of coffee...
and one of my favorite blog posts of the week.
The Weekend View.

You know why I love the Weekend View?
It is just like a simple this and that and everything else all rolled into one in one blog post.

#1. Autumn Colors

Oh autumn... you are such a showoff with your beautiful vibrant colors that light up the world like a sunset. I snapped this photo of what I think it a maple tree while on a run the other day. 

(Yes, I am THAT neighbor who stops and takes photos of someones yard. I have no shame.) 
The colors were so beautiful and literally came out of nowhere after a bit of rain and chilly temperatures.

2. Pony Love

Did you know we had a horse when we first moved back to California? It was something I always dreamed about growing up . Fun fact: I took horse back riding lessons for years from the daughter whose family made Jelly Bellies. 
When we bought a house with 120 acres out of state- we found a sweet 1 year old cremello horse to add to the 'farm'.  She was a bit spirited to be honest, and I won't lie,  I was a little afraid of her. But my husband grew up around horses and farm animals and she loved him for sure. 

At Market last week, I saw this photograph printed on canvas and fell in love. Absolutely beautiful. And if you are familiar with horses and cremello horses in particular- you know they are very pale cream/white coloring with blue eyes. So this reminded me of her. Find more of this talented artists work at Phylum Design

#3. Fresh Flowers and Greens

I am doing something super exciting this week. That I haven't done in what feels like months. 
That I can hardly contain my excitement about... I am stopping at the flower mart. Oh I know. It isn't what you thought right? But my husband has been doing the stopping and shopping for me since my schedule has been a bit wacky (side note- he is a keeper) but I have missed walking those aisles filled with flowers and seeing what catches my eye. And even more exciting- I am ordering Christmas greens to be picked up as well. YES. 

It's the most wonderful time.... of the year!

#4. Something inspired

I landed in California at around noon on Tuesday, made a stop at Ikea, and then came home and started playing with a styling and photographed it. And all the while I was thinking about making another change in the kitchen that I bumped into while at Market and fell head over heels in love with. Nothing major involving hammers and tile (thank goodness!) just a simple change. 

One of the things I love most about going to High Point is the amount of inspiration that I gather up while being there. It is like a vitamin-  it invigorates me and is exactly what I needed for an inspired idea.

#5. Random bits

Last week, I took over Shabby Chic's Instagram account
 and I shared the most gorgeous bedding and pillows.
A ton of questions about it- and it is available at Shabby Chic
not Target for those who have looked for it.

And the November issue of Romantic Homes is on newsstands right now.
And it is IS the prettiest Christmas ever.

You can also subscribe and get it delivered every month right to your door.

Coming your way

It is a short and sweet weekend view this weekend...
because my to-do list is long and the coffee is almost gone.

An autumn table that is perfect for Thanksgiving
A new BFF... who might not be who or what you think
and little bit of copper love.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Ho Courtney, I am in love with the picture of the horse. I grew up raising and showing palomino quarter horses so I fell in love immediately with this beauty.I would love to have one.
    The November issue is amazingly beautiful and full of inspiration. The holidays are coming way to fast but I can't wait to start to decorate my sweet new cottage for the holidays. Thank you for being you and sharing all of your beauitful skills.
    xoxo Jo

  2. Can I just say how glad I am you've taken over Romantic Homes magazine? I've always loved your style and now I can see it in a magazine and the regular emails I get. Great job Courtney!!!