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Simple French Country Christmas

Something simple. 
Like fresh clipped greens, blush baubles and flickering candlelight.

It is kind of perfect for simple Christmas touches in the house or cottage.

We have been running around like wild folks in between the decking the halls 
and wrapping up the current renovations (finally) and working on wrapping up several side projects.
And so- I have been craving simple. 
Sweet. Little light touches through the house and this year- 
Christmas in the cottage- 
is all simple and sweet.
Thanks so much to Lory for organizing this French inspired tour.
Today we are out in the little cottage bedroom- which is a spot I haven't shared in awhile
 My son and his girlfriend were living in the top half of the guest cottage where the bedroom is
 until just recently - and so it is almost like a new space to share. 
But today- just sharing the mantel- stay tuned for more.

In the bedroom- the fireplace mantel is dressed for Christmas 
with a sprinkling of holiday charm.
And candlelight photos... because tis the season. :) 
This is a *new* old mantel is a huge piece that recently got a makeover-

and I will be sharing all the details about it in another post soon.

Pretty much in love with all those delicious details
and when I found it- it was an instant 'load it up' moment.

Since the mantel has so much detail- I kept the Christmas dress simple.

Just a few fresh clipped pine branches as garland
and a handful of blush and mercury glass baubles

with a couple sprigs of dried yarrow and brunia for a soft touch.

Simple and sweet with just a touch of French cottage romance.

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See you soon for a Christmas table inspiration with the most charming
French linens that I am love with.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Oh, Courtney, that mantel is amazing and is beautiful with your Christmas touches. What a fab find!!

  2. I love your mantelscapes Courtney! I'm trying to remember this mantel from the past and looking forward to seeing a before/after! xo

  3. I'll be looking forward to seeing more about the mantle. Those simple blush ornaments are perfect for your style of decorating. As always the fresh greenery is amazing. Such a lovely mantle.

  4. I always love your mantelscapes for every holiday, but I have to say that your mantel decor for Christmas is my favorite...your mantels just "sing" with joy. I am so loving the colors that you are using. And I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but your mantel/surround is exquisite! You should have a sign outside your front door that says, "caution, be prepared for your breath being taken away when entering this door"

  5. Breathtaking as always, Courtney!

  6. Love how your mantel turned out ~ beautiful! 💕

  7. Very pretty! Love the mantel and looks like it may be stone?

  8. Oh Courtney, your new "old" mantel is beyond stunning! That was an amazing find - I would have loaded it up as fast I could, too!

    And I always love your styling and your color choices. So soft and pretty, and yet they are fitting for the season:) Beautiful job!


  9. Oh my goodness, Courtney, that mantel is a stunner! Can’t wait to learn the story behind it. Your pretty styling is just perfect!! I love the soft colors and romantic feel, yet it feels plenty holiday all the same. So very lovely.

  10. so inspiring ! I love a natural feel to decor and love a NO RED Christmas theme !

  11. Hey Courtney! I LOVE how soft everything looks, like an angel decorated the room! Just lovely. Hugs, Pat at Bringing French Country Home

  12. Can't wait to hear more about the mantel! The light touches you've given it for the holiday are perfect.

  13. I love your new mantel! The details are exquisite. I'm taking one room at a time decorating for Christmas - I love your simple, elegant decor!

  14. Courtney, I always leave one of your posts feeling calm and serene. It must be like that to live in your beautiful home.

  15. Everything is beautiful, the mantel is stunning, is that mantel in the cottage or your home? It looks like a new addition.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous, seeing your christmas mantel has finally convinced us to knock down the biggest wall in our bungalow. Drinking hot morning coffee in the kitchen, watching snowflakes fall outside, standing by a crackling fire...dream come true. Now where is the sledge hammer??? Thank you for beautiful inspiration x

  17. Courtney what an amazing find! It is so beautiful!
    xoxo Jo

  18. Courtney, you're definitely Queen of the Mantel....yours are always so gorgeous! I love this one!!!

  19. hello could you please leave in a reply what the pretty green plant is that is kind of vining down and looks like eucalyptus? (plus it's on the wreath too) it's so elegant! i love everything you do, such a soft touch :)

  20. I love that mantel. I can't wait to see more.