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Weekend View

Time for the weekend view that is full of this and that.
And everything else under the sun- all rolled into one.

This week, it is about golden trees, nutrition shakes- and marble.
Random enough, right? ;)

That sun-kissed golden glow

I didn't plan to have a gold tree this year... really, I didn't. But a pretty amazing new tree arrived yesterday- and it most definitely glows gold. To the eye in person- it is a green tree with very warm lights that give it a bit of a gold glow- but to the camera- it is a big gilded beauty. 

I switched my design plan for it once I saw that Midas touch- and I am loving how it turned out. I will be sharing all the details this week on Wednesday. 

Shaking it off

I know I mentioned before that I am a huge fan of Shakeology. 
For awhile I was using it morning and lunch time as a meal replacement- 
and took a break with the busy of travel and summer. 
But my delicious vanilla shake lunches are back- and I am loving them. 
I am not sure I ever shared my favorite recipes for shakes...
so I will put together my top 3 and share them with you. 
And you can use those with or without Shakeologly- any protein shake mix will work.

Marble love

Last week, two slabs of marble were picked up by our fabricator and are ready to be cut to size for the new areas in the kitchen. I am so excited to FINALLY get these areas wrapped up soon. And that includes on that one that kind of came out of nowhere...

An Island in the stream

I *Might* have something new in the kitchen to share with you.... something that sounds like one thing but looks like another. 
Rustic, bleached wood... with loads of carved details and charm.
 It is big on size and charm and it arrived late night last week- and I will admit, my shoulders and arms are paying a bit after we carried it up the driveway, across the lawn, up the 2 sets of concrete stairs and into the kitchen... but once it was there- my husband and I both had a moment.
 A  'where have you been all this time' 
kind of moment. 

I will be sharing that shortly- but stay tuned for a sneak peek this week. 

A busy week ahead on the blog and in every day. 
If you are local in northern California- keep an eye on CBS for our big Balsam Hill CBS set decorating- and a few tips for non -traditional Christmas decor from yours truly. 

And coming your way on the blog- a mantel styling with a French Country touch,
that golden tree and a couple more fun finds in the kitchen for the holidays.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Love the cup :) xx

  2. Your photos make me feel excited for Christmas! All is so beautiful Courtney.