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Friday Favorites- Marble Counters, blackberries & how to get a stain out

We have quite a few blackberry bushes growing wild around our property
 and those blackberries mean 
that blackberry everything happens during the summer. 

Shakes, pancakes, fruit bowls- and even on cakes. 
 Blackberries kind of just go with everything. 
Except maybe marble. 
Yeah, that isn't a great combo.
 and for todays Friday Favorites- 
it is all about the Great Blackberry Debacle.

A few months ago, a building project we were working on 
brought both of my big boys home for a weekend of demo work
which to them = fun.

French Kitchen Marble Counters and chandelier

I was pretty darn happy to have all the bustle and busy in the house again
and on that lazy Saturday morning,
I decided to make those special pancakes full of protein powder and fruit
 that they love for breakfast.

Marble counter with peonies and coffee on it

And that same lazy Saturday was also the day that 
the great blackberry and marble counter debacle took place...
As in blackberries and marble counters and a big purple stain that was not pretty.

Happy Friday Favorites everyone.

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