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Design Bloggers Conference Mentor

Guess what is just a couple weeks away... 

one of my favorite events that is all about Design, Blogging and basically-
is full of a lot of information and a lot of fun.

Yes, indeed. 
Design Bloggers Conference is just around the corner. 
And I am so. excited. 

You might remember me talking about Design Bloggers Conference when I spoke there a couple of years ago about 
 how to work with brands as a blogger.

 And then last year, I spoke with my friend (and now colleague)  Jickie who is the Editor of Cottages and Bungalows Magazine. 
We talked about photography and how to go about working with magazines.

 I had no idea at the time that a little tidbit she asked a simple question about that day would lead to me working with Romantic Homes as their Editor-
 but it did.

And I also had no idea that my book agent who was also there- 
had some exciting news to share about a book with my first choice publisher. 
And that happened to. 

So you see... there is something about Design Bloggers Conference...
There is networking,  relationship building, old friends and new friendships 
and even big amazing things that can happen.

And this year, I am excited to be joining several lovely ladies as a Design Bloggers Conference Mentor.  I have met most of these amazing girls in person at the conference or on the Design Blogger Tour at High Point- and I know Kristy on Instagram and am excited to meet her in person. 

Courtney Allison, Founder, Stylist, Photographer, and BloggerFrench Country Cottage
Jeanne Chung, Founder, Interior Designer, and Blogger, Cozy•Stylish•Chic 
Jana Platina Phipps, Founder, Designer, and Blogger, Trim Queen
Ruthie Staalsen, Founder, Interior Designer, and BloggerRuthie Staalsen Interiors
Kristy Wicks, Founder, Designer, Gardener, and Blogger, Kristy Wicks

 I mentioned a tidbit about being a Mentor in my Random weekend post and have had lots of questions about it- so wanted to explain a bit more and give you the opportunity to join my group if you want to.

What does being a DBC Mentor mean?

It means meeting up and connecting with others. Offering advice about blogging, balance, career and sharing personal and industry experience as a designer and blogger. It is talking about goals and visions for your career aspirations and bouncing ideas off of each other. It is basically kind of like a group of friends getting together and chatting over coffee - but while talking about business and ideas.  And if you are in my group- it definitely involves a lot of laughing. 


So if you are going to Design Bloggers Conference- I would love to have you as a mentee in my group. Send me an email and let me know you would like to join!  We will stay in touch on FB and then meet at the conference in a couple of weeks. 

And here is more info about the conference and who can you can expect to see there this year:

General sessions take place on Monday and Tuesday -- 
 you can view the entire agenda, speakers, and topics here:

Hope to see you there!


  1. Congratulations Courtney. I'm so Happy and Proud of You Sweetie. Enjoy Your Award. Lovies/Laters,MJ♥

  2. Oh so happy for you and may you be blessed with many more opportunities

  3. Congratulations for your win.