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Random Weekend

Happy Weekend everyone.

Can you believe that February is almost wrapped up and March is just around the corner? 
Zooming on by. This week- the weekend view is all about edits and working ahead, Garden planning and something fun coming your way next weekend.

Editing and more editing

It has been a bit quiet over here on the blog and on social the past couple of weeks as  
I have been wrapped up in photo layout and editing land with book so we can get it sent off for printing in the first part of March. 
It is hard to believe we are close to being done with this aspect of it. 
And a little bit of mixed emotions- I will be honest. 
Dreaming about this book and then actually working on this book for the past several months has been a dream come true so sending it off to the publisher- 
 feels a little like sending a little one off to preschool.

I will be back with regularly schedule programming in the next couple of weeks though- 
and do thank you for stopping by and reading and for your patience 
as I have been swirling around like the Tasmanian Devil behind the scenes. 

Working ahead

I am planning the content for March and April here on the blog- 
and we are already working on June at Romantic Homes.  

(Read more about Cottage Grove Inn here on my blog- and in next months issue of RH) 

We are looking for a few travel features for upcoming issues... if anyone has any recommendations that we can take a peek at for romantic inspired travel escapes - we would love them. Think b&b's, charming towns, etc.  

You can send anything my way via email- or reply here if that is easier. 

Garden planning

Though it has been freezing here in the mornings the past week- we are thinking spring and spring planting. I am placing an order for some David Austin roses to add to the garden- and am looking at some of the other cottage garden plants that I love. 

This year, we have a big focus on outdoor- that fresh coat of paint on the house and cottage and revamping the window boxes.  Last year we added lavender and ivy in the window boxes- and we have also added some more colorful pops like small pink hydrangeas with lime thyme 
(and totally not sure what that other plant is- but it does amazingly well.) 
 This year... thinking purples and sages again... but not 100% sure on what direction.
 I am pinning some of my favorite window box looks if you are doing planning as well.

An extra kind of random weekend post 

Coming your way next weekend,  sharing the beans on one of those
 side projects I have working on.
 I know. I know. I know.... I said this weekend.
It was supposed to be this weekend-and I do apologize for the change in posting dates.
 But it is on for next week and there will be something for you as well- 
so stay tuned for that on Sunday.

Coming your way

Sharing a few ideas for an elegant spring table setting
A peek behind the scenes of what I am shopping for with my bedroom refresh 
and a simple recipe that had so many requests. 

Happy weekend everyone


  1. Come to Annapolis Maryland the most charming city of them all!

  2. can wait to see your book.

  3. I love reading your blogs Courtney. It's like sitting down with an old friend sharing coffee. ;) As for the other plant you have in your window box. I do believe it's the same one I have in mine. It's part of the sedum family. I have a window box on my chickens coop. I don't have to do a thing to it. And as a bonus, it flowers for me in the spring in a light rose color. Take care my friend. Cindy

  4. Hello Courtney, I would like to share a beautiful place in Maine for a travel destination, It is called Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport Maine, I went to their open house a few years ago and it was breath taking! Contact information is: Hidden Pond 354 Goose Rock Rd. Kennebunkport Maine, 04046, 207-967-9050, I hope some day I will be able to stay there. The town Kennebunkport Maine is beautiful as well it would be a great travel destination for people from Summer to Fall.

  5. Oh my Courtney I am excited for you on your book and with all your inspiration I know it will be great Also looking forward to see what you have in store for us

  6. Can't wait to add your book to my Madison Chic collection with your pictures in them!!