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Gardening - Camellia

One of the biggest surprises when we moved into our cottage - was this huge tree that seemed to take up half of the front of the very front of our cottage.

When we moved in it was nothing but dark green leaves and it had a bit of a scraggly appearance- which- was not unlike the rest of the property. 
And I remember asking my grandfather - who was an avid gardener- if he knew what it was. He did - he said it was a camellia.

I didn't know what that was- but in the spring- there were buds beginning to swell on those branches and before we knew it- little pink blooms were appearing everywhere.

I was in love instantly- the flowers were delicate with intricate layer upon layer of petals.
And when they started to fall and carpet the ground below with those pink petals- well, I was pretty much a bit crazy for how beautiful it looked.

Though I don't know much about this camellia- I have had so many questions recently- I thought I would share what I do know.

How long did it take to get that big?

It is a very old growth tree. 
This tree is huge- huge-huge. It was here when we moved in and was huge at that time. And to be honest, we do not fertilize it, tend to it or do anything with it- other than trim a few branches to bring inside to enjoy.

What variety is this?

I do not know the name of this variety- if anyone does- please shared in the comments.

Do they smell good? 

They do not have a scent- but their beauty makes up for it. 

Do you leave the petals on the ground? Isn't that messy? 

And yes, I do let the petals fall and leave many of them there to mulch in. Though some consider it messy- I consider it inspiration. And I am in love with it.

You will be seeing much more of this camellia in the coming weeks- but I wanted to answer a few of those questions I have been getting about them.
I am off for another day at High Point Market- tune into IG for more.
Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I think your plant looks like "pink perfection"

  2. In Louisiana, we LOVE our camellias! One of my favorite things has always been how the fallen petals spread over the ground. I enjoy them as much as the blooms on the plant....

    1. Just LOVELY!! I too love fallen petals!! Thank you for sharing

  3. Too funny.. I was just looking up Camellia today. I moved a small one and wanted information. Looks like we both have a new love.

  4. I think the variety is PInk Perfection. Google pics and see if that is it. A neighbor has a huge one and I recently bought a small one.

  5. Love the camellias, but I want you to IG your little finger to the bone with those gorgeous photos from Highpoint!

  6. Out here in East Texas, Camelias are prolific growers....I love 💕 them and the carpet of blossoms left behind.....lovely.!! You were blessed to have found a cottage with such a treasure.!

  7. Looks beautiful, wish I had one and you had at least 2 more! That way I'm not coveting

  8. You have a beautiful floral affair here.
    I’m am certain this bush looks like a tree as antique as it must be.
    Beautiful blooms.

  9. I love camellias. They're Alabama's state flower, and there are so many beautiful varieties in our neighborhood. We lost several holly trees during last spring's drought, and we've ordered five sasanqua camellias, the Mine No Yuki variety because the light colored flowers will glow at night when we're outside enjoying our outdoor fireplace and patio.

    I enjoyed your post so much! Your camellia could be a Queen Diana. They look similar!