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High Point Market Tour Day 2

Day two at High Point Market...

After a busy day one and likely about 12 miles covered - your feet might start feeling a bit tired- but honestly, you feel so energized and excited for what you will find at Market on day 2 that a couple of bandaids, cushioned insoles and an extra cup of caffeine- 
and you keep on wandering through showroom filled with inspiration and ideas and vignettes that make you stop in your tracks.

High Point Market is HUGE. Huge huge huge and full of inspiration. It is one of those places that it basically like stepping into the pages of a magazine- where you pause and take note of all the fabulous details in the space before turning the page. 

And on the Design Bloggers Tour- we have a fast pace where we visit a list of participating showrooms and share what inspires us.

Day one started out with a ton of inspiration (read about it here)
 and Day two was just as inspiring.

E.J. Victor

We started the day in a lovely showroom that was new to me- E,J. Victor. One of the best things about the DBC tour at Market is that you get to discover so many new showrooms you weren't familiar with before- and this one was definitely speaking my language.

I loved the traditional look and feel of the rooms in this showroom. They reminded me so much of that part of design that I love. The elegant and refined look and feeling.

So comfy- and with Performance Fabric- which means- easy clean.

Lloyd Flanders

You are probably familiar with Lloyd Flanders- and Lloyd Loom baby carriages from And since they have evolved and expanded their beautiful designs- their wicker has become a staple in the garden and in garden inspired rooms today. 

I am a sucker for a good wicker chair with vintage sensibilities and modern comfort. And this is the perfect spot to find those.

This was one of my favorites- love the scale and style.

Littman Brands

Always one to stop in my tracks for a bit of bling... I wandered around this glamorous light filled showroom snapping photo after photo.

Some of the most gorgeous pieces I have bumped into- look at these delicious little flowers on a chandelier 

and the details on this crystal covered beauty- simply stunning.

Thomsasville/ Hendredon/ Crypton

A bit of this and that and everything- there was so much to see in this showroom- and I must have taken dozens of photos. A tad traditional and a dash edgy and on trend- the designs were beautiful and elegant.

One of the things I love most about Century- is that there is always such an abundance of inspiration for me. So many things that catch my eye- and make me pause to snap another photo. 
Like this gorgeous traditional/elegant/ French style beauty. The details like those fluted legs and little rings above them- simply stunning. 

And then there are the pieces that stop you for a different reason. 
Crisp white frames with gold details- and those look at me Fuchsia seats.
So stunning a room.

We also stopped in at HighLand House- which is another of my absolute favorite showrooms.
Their furniture speaks to my simple aesthetic- with a muted color palette and lovely lines and pieces that are the perfect size and scale in my opinion.

Rowe is a showroom I discovered a few DBC tours back and not ashamed to admit that I fell in love instantly.  Their furniture is what I consider to be one of the lines that has perfect proportions. I am not a fan of oversized, over deep, over chunky frames- and Rowe has pieces with a livable and lovable scale. Meaning you can tuck that Chesterfield sofa into your living room and it is going to make a beautiful statement and isn't going to monopolize the whole space.

And can we talk about blush? And a sofa? And how about a blush sofa?
Loved this piece in a room designed by my friend Rachel (Pencil Shavings Studio) 

And obsessed with alllll of this right here.

Modern and yet with a nod to traditional and vintage. Sounds interesting right? 
Modern History was a showroom full of pieces that had a classic styling, vintage details and a bit of edge.

I fell for this gold side table- so cute and the right size to tuck anywhere and enjoy.

And the curvy details on their dressers and desks were so charming- not to mention that finish was 
very vintage inspired, neutral and easy to incorporate into a room.

So there you have a quick recap of Day Two on the Design Bloggers Tour- 
coming your way next- one of my absolute favorite showrooms for vintage and vintage inspired design- Eloquence- and I will also be sharing my favorite piece, look, trend from each of the showrooms  on the tour this spring.

What about you- do you have any favorites that caught your eye?

I was compensated to attend High Point Market as part of the Design Bloggers Tour 
but all opinions are my own.


  1. The blush sofa caught my eye and the floral print on the chairs and the sage green check drapes. So glad to see color making a come back!!

  2. So enjoying your High Point tour as unfortunately I was out of town during that time....I am loving the gorgeous desk by Century and that blush sofa....reminds me of mine that was gifted to me by a friend...
    Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  3. Wow �� my head was spinning just looking at all your photos, I love the emerald green feature wall and I normally choose pale blue. I am also a fan of wicker. Love your web pages.