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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

That day of the week that is all about this and that and everything else.
This week, it is about Lamps Plus, High Point Market, Soft Surroundings, Ivy and more.

Can you believe I missed the weekend view last week?

I did. I was traveling and up super early several days in a row - and just didn't get the time to get it done before it was already almost Monday. So this week has more than one weeks worth of randomness- and it all started with a sinus infection brewing and a trip to L.A.  

Spring Allergies 

You know how some people can tell you when it is going to rain because their joints hurt? I can tell you when it is almost High Point Market time each spring and fall- because my sinuses start acting up and inevitably- I will get an infection if I am not careful. And this time was no different. The week before Market- I started to get that pressure in my cheekbones and there it went.
 I didn't think about it being High Point- because I was too busy thinking about a couple of exciting fun trips before those and making sure I was up to par.

A fun Collaboration

Up first was a fun trip to L.A. with Lamps Plus. 

I have worked with Lamps Plus blogging for them on their blog for several years- but this was different. This was a collaboration that involved being more of a face of their brand and representing them. Which is something I always love to do with brands I adore. 
I am excited to share all the details and what we will be up to soon- 
and as you can see- new headshots happened. 

Soft Surroundings in California

Something super exciting that also happened that week- Soft Surroundings opened their very first store in California.  That is most definitely something to shout about if you are local. You can find it in Santa Rosa

High Point Market

Always inspiring, always fun, always at least 10 miles a day on my feet (in heels) and always one of my favorites.  I had such a great time running around market with my Design Bloggers family and new friends- and as always, took a TON of photos which will be coming your way shortly.

 I already shared day one of High Point - and there is much more to come with day two, favorite trends and my favorite showroom.  

Grand Dog watching

We have been watching one of our grand dogs this week- and having so much fun with Ivy.

 Yes, I will admit that I might have set up and snapped a few photos- she is such a sweet girl and loves to ham it up for the camera.

New issue

The latest issue of Romantic Homes is out- and it is all about color and pretty. More than just a couple favorites inside these pages- you can find it on newsstands or order your copy here.

Iphone X

I upgraded my phone to the iphone x a few months ago and have finally had some time to sit and play with the photo modes- and I have to say- kind of impressive. 
This is a photo in my bright, sunshine filled kitchen- with a portrait setting- which makes the front stand out and adds the dark behind. 

Seriously pretty amazing. 
I was thinking of doing a post about iphone photography and what I have learned so far for anyone else who might have the new phone or just want to explore a bit more.

 That is about it for the weekend view this week.  Coming your way tomorrow- a fun styling with a cute little table and chair set that I fell in love with-
and later this week- some updates on gardening ( I found foxgloves!) and also a spring table setting. I feel like I haven't shared a table setting in awhile- but it is coming your way.

Happy weekend everyone. 


  1. Love Love the photo from your new phone!! That is an amazing picture from a phone, almost makes me want to ditch my US Cellular prepaid phone bought for 130$ and take the plunge to splurge on a phone. I will have to definitely give this some thought but until then I will continue to admire your photo's, by the way when will your book be released? Have a wonderful day Courtney.

  2. I love your blog and Romantic Homes Magazine---I did order a subscription online through the link...about a month ago and cannot get a response from the Engaged Lifestyle company. Should it take over a month? I ordered March 8...thanks so much!
    I am so anxious to get this and just did not know who else to contact. thank you!

  3. gorgeous photo love the subject. I made it to the Soft SUrroundings opening. LOOked great.
    (MY ipad does not playnice with blog comments)